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SimSig Principles

This section will show you how to use SimSig. For signalling information, please see Signalling Principles.

Please note this page is still under construction and is not yet complete.


System Files

Before you can play any Simulation, you will need to download the System Files, located here. This download contains SimSig Loader to run newer simulations, the License Manager and the fonts needed for the authentic display.

To install the system files, first download them. Please note that while all files are scanned with an anti-virus program before being made available for download, no responsibility is accepted for any damage caused to your computer. When the files have finished downloading, click 'Run'. Install them to the recommended location and restart your computer afterwards. Once installation of the system files has finished, you can download and install a simulation.

Installing a simulation

You can download simulations from the repository. Simulations in the donationware folder can be used immediately, although a donation is asked for to support the costs associated with the development of a sim. Donations in the payware folder require the purchase of a license from the SimSig shop.

Find the simulation you want, and download the tiles. When they have downloaded open them to start the installer. It is recommended to install the simulators to the suggested location. Click next, and you can choose where to put a shortcut to the simulator. For v4 and above simulations you won't be asked this as all simulations are accessed from the SimSig Loader program.


  1. Click Start > Control Panel > Add or Remove Programs.
  2. Select the relevent simulation (all simulations are prefixed SimSig).
  3. Click 'uninstall' and confirm.

The simulation will then be uninstalled from your computer.

Starting a simulation

Single player

  1. Open SimSig Loader
  2. Select the simulation you want to play
  3. Select the timetable you want to use
  4. Click next to access simulation specific options
  5. Click play


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