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SimSig Principles

This section will show you how to use SimSig. For signalling information, please see Signalling Principles.

Note : Please feel free to add to this section.

Please note this page is still under construction and is not yet complete.

Topic 1: Installing

System Files

Before you can play any Simulation, you will need to download the System Files, located in "Downloads/Uploads>Offical Software>Download first! System Files". This download contains SimSig Loader to run newer simulations, License Manager and the fonts needed to display track, signals and other screen components correctly. Failure to install will cause the main display to consist of alphabet characters. To install the system files, first download them. Please note that while all files are scanned with an anti-virus program before being made available for download, no responsibility is accepted for any damage caused to your computer. It is recomended they are saved in C:/Program files/SimSig. You will probably have to create the SimSig folder youreslf, using the 'create new folder' icon. When the files have finished downloading, click 'Run'. Again, install them to C:\Program Files\SimSig. It may be necessary to re-start your computer afterwards. Note it won't be obvious that you've installed the files, however they will be listed in 'Add or remove programs' in Control Panel'.

Installing a simulation

It is recommended that you start with the Royston Simulation, which is a one-screen simulation that will help you get to grips with the basics of SimSig. Simulations are located in: “Downloads/Uploads>Offical Software>Simulations (Donationware)” you will then see a list of most SimSig simulations- please note there are several pages to this list! Also, under “Downloads/Uploads>Offical Software>Simulations (Payware Sims)”, Simulations requiring a license from Shop can be found. To see both of these containers, you must be logged in. When you have chosen a Sim to download, select it and download (you will have to agree to the license agreement), and it is recommended to save in C:\Program Files\SimSig (C:\Program Files (x86)\SimSig on 64-bit systems), but you can save elsewhere if you wish. When the Sim has been downloaded, click 'run' to install it. Again, it is recommended to install it to C:\Program Files\SimSig, but you can install elsewhere. You will then be asked which folder in 'Program Shortcuts' you want the Sim's shortcut to b saved to. Again, the default folder, 'SimSig' is recommended. You will then be asked if you want a shotcut to be placed directly onto the desktop (up to you), and then to confirm install. When the program has installed, you will be asked if you want to launch the Sim on pressing 'Finish', and if you would like to be taken to the Donations page on the website. Please remember that SimSig is free, and our developers work for free, and in their spare time, so money to help keep the site up, and to finance trips to Sim locations is appreciated.

Topic 2: Uninstalling

To uninstall a simulation, click Start>Control Panel>Add or Remove Programs. Then select the relevent simulation (all simulations are prefixed SimSig- so they'll all be in the same place on the list), click 'uninstall' and confirm. The simulation will then be uninstalled from your computer.

Topic 3: Starting a simulation

Single player


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