28 - 07 - 2016

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TheBVE2010: I think that's tomorrow
arabianights: you may be better off waiting for that
arabianights: there's a saltey game at 8
jimgos2005: on euston I cant move a single train
jimgos2005: another good one is saltey
jimgos2005: I cant host
TheBVE2010: True, but it's a short session
arabianights: sure, host that and I'll join it
jimgos2005: brighton not really a mp sim I can run that on my own
arabianights: save game from 7am
jimgos2005: kx from 04:45 should be fun just increase all the lateness and delays
arabianights: brrighton open for connections on
arabianights: ok
arabianights: oh that doesn't matter
arabianights: erm, I have no scenarios when I try to start that
arabianights: how about brighton?
arabianights: meh euston not suitable for 3 people
arabianights: it will not be for very long if I am hosting it
arabianights: think that's free
arabianights: I could host euston for variety
TheBVE2010: I don't have West Hampstead at the moment
jimgos2005: maybe a busy kings cross
jimgos2005: I cant join in any mp sim that needs a license
arabianights: you got west hampstead?
arabianights: good oh
TheBVE2010: I am
arabianights: anyone interested in a quickie?
tjfrancis: stafford now cloused
HST125Scorton: Cannot get in!!
SmudgerRNLI: i like to join please
tjfrancis: stafford now up
TheBVE2010: I'll be there Tony
tjfrancis: ok i wil start at 2:45pm
nasher: Im around :)
tjfrancis: Anyone about for stafford sim
tjfrancis: stafford now cloused
tjfrancis: Stafford is up
shuntdaddy57: hi all. anyone working the LTS sim.. i having trouble with 4m77 being called at the FLT but not showing. say train at 1601 O.O
WinsfordSaltMine: Bristol closed thanks to all who joined
WinsfordSaltMine: still need a few more on bristol
HST125Scorton: Change your port to 50505 WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: Bristol now open
HST125Scorton: Bristol Open?
HST125Scorton: I'll be there
WinsfordSaltMine: maybe longer :)
WinsfordSaltMine: Bristol will run from 2000-2230 tonight so no short session :P
HST125Scorton: Epicv Fail WSM lol
nasher: Anyone else hosting this evening? Would be interested in a Central Victoria or something :)
WinsfordSaltMine: Bristol will be finishing at 2000, sorry for shortness of session will conitune tommorw
WinsfordSaltMine: Still spaces free on Bristol
nasher: Coming!
WinsfordSaltMine: come on guys only me and andy on bristol
WinsfordSaltMine: Need 3 more for bristol
WinsfordSaltMine: Bristol OPen
mackeral1234: Any one has a copy of signal plans for Edge Hill
nasher: Im gonna try work it out ahah!
HST125Scorton: Thanks for trying though
nasher: Its not having it! Happened last time, something somewhere is not as it should be. All port forwarded properly too etc.... Ah well. :(
HST125Scorton: Nope still nothing :(
nasher: Ok once more!
nasher: hmm weird lemme try something
HST125Scorton: Disconnections.
nasher: Ok lets give it a go!
HST125Scorton: Ok Nasher :)
nasher: Im gonna try host a KX had issues the last time hosting so bare with!
HST125Scorton: Anyone planning a host this evening, seems nothing posted
nasher: anyone fancy hosting vic central?
sollevix67: see ya guts
MJD: Guts got discon
Guts: Thanks for all the participants
sollevix67: ok
Guts: Starting up shortly
Guts: Missus is sick, cooked for my daughter who then fell asleep. LOL
Guts: Join up
Guts: I'm back
Giantray: Thanks solevix67
sollevix67: joining a paused sim is possible but the host have to accept connections
HST125Scorton: Does Saltley have panels spare?
sollevix67: Guts seem afk
Giantray: Not sure if one can join a hosted sim if it is paused?
sollevix67: hello, still paused
HST125Scorton: Getting no responce from Saltely
Giantray: Guts are you still paused?
Guts: Chain Paused for PNB
Guts: One taken on Derby
Guts: All panels available.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for joining guys
TheBVE2010: Bristol closed
TheBVE2010: again!
TheBVE2010: Whoever is attacking my session with their connections, please stop
MJD: Bristol discon?
TheBVE2010: Lol! I never thought that doing that could annoy people, but if it is then I'll stop :)
Andrew G: Not sure I agree - I might be a boring old git - but I am probably not the only one - it's a bit like a virtual soap opera - TheBVE2010 'I've just done my hair and thinking about hosting but I can't decide what to host. Please help me decide........Yawn Yawn Yawn - apologies for the sarcasm.
TheBVE2010: It's either here or the forum :P
Andrew G: 21 shouts before the session is advertised - I'm starting to wish there is a daily shout limit to keep some of us sane
TheBVE2010: Bristol back up. Details at «link»
TheBVE2010: Found it thanks. The session will be back up shortly
MJD: Where the bristol .exe is is the folder bristol timetable in there
WinsfordSaltMine: it might be in there
WinsfordSaltMine: try programme files (x86)
WinsfordSaltMine: it should be in a different folder to loader, (if you mean on your computer
TheBVE2010: One moment guys, I'm just trying to find the Bristol timetable folder.
MJD: Ready yet?
WinsfordSaltMine: nice
TheBVE2010: I'm gonna fire up Bristol 2009 in a few minutes. If anyone wants to chain something to me, feel free, but I will be turning down chain requests after the session starts.
WinsfordSaltMine: :)
WinsfordSaltMine: you choose, your hosting :0
TheBVE2010: E.g Saltley + Derby or Bristol + Exeter
WinsfordSaltMine: do Saltley or Bristol or anything free lol
TheBVE2010: Is anyone willing to do a chain with me?
TheBVE2010: But I don't have that
TheBVE2010: BNS
WinsfordSaltMine: as long as its free or a payware I have, which is only 2
WinsfordSaltMine: you choose lol, I'm game fro anything, midland sim, western sim
TheBVE2010: Like?
WinsfordSaltMine: something free :P
TheBVE2010: Sorry guys, my 24 hour session will have to be moved to next week but I'll gladly host something today. Any suggestions?
DaveHarries: Oh. :( Would have noticed that if it had been posted in the shoutbox that the session had closed! Nm.
TheBVE2010: That's yesterday's post Dave :)
DaveHarries: Will be along for Vic C in a short while: just doing something with the klayout editing tool.
arrivatw: evening all
headshot119: All of the payware sims can be tried in a free demo mode before you buy. There are also several donationware sims which don't require payment.
If you are a beginner, try something like Royston, Llangollen, or Huddersfield, the first two are free the later isn't
lewis73: how do I start .I logged in but don't want to invest before I try :
TheBVE2010: Thanks Kev
KymriskaDraken: 2 panels spare on Vic C
chrisdmadd: yeah just done that myself and it worked, thanks anyway though
KymriskaDraken: Delete victoriac.sim from your computer and check for updates again
chrisdmadd: my VIC Central is 1.5.0 but its up to date, server is 1.6.0 :-/
DaveHarries: Will join VC in a short while.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Victoria Central continuation from 1830 BST. Details in forum.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Kev, night all
KymriskaDraken: Victoria closing soon. No new connections please
lama77: Thanks, should have scrolled further down the chat. Saw answer now, trying to join again.
KymriskaDraken: Lama -
Delete VictoriaCentral.sim off of your computer, then press check for updates
headshot119: If you are having issues updating delete the relevant .sim file then press check for updates again
HST125Scorton: Lama are you going to host for bit ? I cannot have a fault again with ports
lama77: I have it, tried to join but wrong version. Updates didn't work in loader.
HST125Scorton: Don't that sim so will go elsewhere -_-
KymriskaDraken: «link»
HST125Scorton: ANyone planning a host?
DaveHarries: No s'ok. I hadn't deleted the .sim file but now have 1.6. Cheers for the help.
DaveHarries: @headshot119 Thanks but still no luck. Client reports version 1.5 but host says version 1.6. Still no update available.
headshot119: @DaveHarries

Delete VictoriaCentral.sim off of your computer, then press check for updates
DaveHarries: HELP. Am trying to join the Victoria Central session but when I try to connect I get told I need to update. However a "Check For Updates" click brings up no update for Vic Central and I can't reinstall as VC is nowhere in the files section.
DaveHarries: Nope. No luck. And it isn't in the Files section either.
DaveHarries: Will do. Odd really because I always update when I read there is one available.
KymriskaDraken: delete the VictoriaC.sim file and try it again
DaveHarries: I click "Check For Updates" but none come up.
KymriskaDraken: You need to update then Dave
DaveHarries: Server tells me to update VC but there is no update available.
DaveHarries: I am finding that I cannot access the Victoria Central session due to a conflict in sim versions.
WinsfordSaltMine: session cancelled, no joiners
WinsfordSaltMine: SwinDid & Bristol chain now open
DaveHarries: Just going to have dinner: will join VC afterwards. Promise.
TheBVE2010: Will do
arrivatw: BVE, let me know please
arrivatw: sorry can't join
KymriskaDraken: One panel left
KymriskaDraken: Yes
arrivatw: have you got to pay for Victoria
KymriskaDraken: Two panels left on Victoria
DaveHarries: Will join Victoria Central in a short while.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria Central open for connections.
TheBVE2010: Sorry ATW but I'm joining Victoria Central this evening. Hosting my 24 hour session sometime this week though.
arrivatw: BVE
you willing to host tonight
KymriskaDraken: Victoria Central (1982 tt) from 1900 BST. Details in forum
headshot119: Llangollen is probably the closest
TheBVE2010: No simulations on SimSig fit that description, but you may like Royston.
markodonat: and with many stations
markodonat: Can you recommend me a donationware sim with single line track and just a few sidings?
TheBVE2010: Ok, thanks
KymriskaDraken: It's a push-button panel so I am guessing that it does.
TheBVE2010: Does Trent have T.O.R.R in real life?
HST125Scorton: Anyone hosting later?
NewBuildmini432: Trent
HST125Scorton: Trebt
TheBVE2010: Looks like Trent has won
--miki--: Trent
TheBVE2010: Attention SimSiggers! Because I do not know what to do when there is a tie in a poll, I need someone to say 'South Humberside' or 'Trent' in the shoutout box.
DriverCurran: New Victoria Central timetable now available..
lama77: Thanks for all joining the busy Saltley & NewSt session, hope to continiue it soon
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting LAMA. Night all :)
lama77: More signallers needed on Saltley
WinsfordSaltMine: come on peeps, we have trains to control :P
lama77: About 5 panels left on Saltley & New Street
lama77: Plenty of space both on Saltley and NewSt
lama77: New St & Saltley open, see forum.
lama77: Anyone else planning to host?
tjfrancis: kings cross is cancelled
Jamesh1492: I'm trying to connect?
tjfrancis: i am hear but had some discon but did have one come in that wll come back later
tjfrancis: hosting into 11pm
MJD: Tony anybody there
HST125Scorton: Tony what time you hosting too?
tjfrancis: kings cross now up
tjfrancis: I will be hosting kings Cross at 6:00pm BST post wll be up as soon I get home
WinsfordSaltMine: Sheffield/Trent now closed
WinsfordSaltMine: back
WinsfordSaltMine: I'm going AFK, will accept connections when I'm back
WinsfordSaltMine: Need a couple more on Sheffield, and a couple on trent
WinsfordSaltMine: lol
WinsfordSaltMine: sortred, I missed for out when I copied and pasted
arabianights: yup
HST125Scorton: .154 at end
HST125Scorton: IP maybe wrong
DWeb: I was disconnected WSM
arabianights: I'm already in the sheffield queue WSM as I guessed the details...
WinsfordSaltMine: now open for connections
HST125Scorton: Huh
DWeb: Not really
arabianights: anyone interested in a slack group?
WinsfordSaltMine: funny
HST125Scorton: 2015 has gone hehehe lol
WinsfordSaltMine: Yes sorry will be ready by 2015
HST125Scorton: Delayed WSM :P
KymriskaDraken: Victoria closing soon. No new connections please
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Kev
KymriskaDraken: Room for a few more on Victoria
Giantray: got in first time
shuntdaddy57: Hi all :)
ajax103: going to try to reconnect
ajax103: says server disconnected me :/
TheBVE2010: In now
KymriskaDraken: Try it again Leon
KymriskaDraken: I haven't seen any connection attempts
TheBVE2010: Am I the only one having problems connecting?
KymriskaDraken: Victoria SE open for connections.
KymriskaDraken: Victoria SE from 1645 BST. Details in forum.
KymriskaDraken: I'm going to host a Victoria SE in a bit. I will post the details in the forum in a little while
Giantray: Thanks for attempting a host.
TheBVE2010: I think I'm gonna end the session here and continue later or tomorrow. Thanks to those that tried to join.
TheBVE2010: If it doesn't work then I'll end the session.
Giantray: Excellent will try
TheBVE2010: Once you've done that, click check for updates in the loader and they'll reinstall
TheBVE2010: Files*
TheBVE2010: Then it's one of the uninstall fines
TheBVE2010: Computer/D/Documents And Settings/All Users/Shared Doucments/Simsig
Giantray: South Eastern connects but server disconnects me
Giantray: South Centrail Sim 1.5 and Simsig Loader 4.5.11 and ask for updates that do not exist
Giantray: Using correct ports. Got in before you reinstalled cannot now. How do I re instal Vic Central?
TheBVE2010: The problem cant be at my end again because someone has made it in
TheBVE2010: Make sure you're using the right port with SE. With Central, you man need to reinstall the sim
Giantray: Cannot get on South eastern server disconnects me. Cannot get on Central now because it says click on update, yet mt Simsig Loader tells me I am uptodate with everything!
TheBVE2010: Victoria chain back up
TheBVE2010: I think the problem was at my end, I'm just reinstalling them now
Giantray: Initailly thought I couldn't connect to South Eastern because I hadn't updated it. After i had I still couldn't connect.
TheBVE2010: The session will be up again shortly, I'm just reinstalling the two sims
Giantray: I couldn't connect to South Eastern only South Central
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/SE on hold while I reinstall the simulations
TheBVE2010: Victoria Central/Southeastern chain open for connections.
Banners88: Thanks to those who did join!
Banners88: *feel free not to join.
Banners88: If you object to my hosts not being documented to the 1,000th degree headshot119 then fe
Banners88: Apologies for last night! Power cut!
arabianights: ux, innit
arabianights: because the shoutbox is more convenient
headshot119: And at the same token there's a section of the forum to post games that are being hosted, and issues with them. I don't see why people don't use that
arabianights: shoutbox is here to be used, I dunno why (some) people object to that
headshot119: If Banners88 actually used the correct part of the forum for hosting games maybe people could keep all of this out of the shoutbox :')
TheBVE2010: Lol
arabianights: maybe he's in a tunel :)
Jamesh1492: disconnected
AndyG: disconned
arabianights: lost connection?
arabianights: be there shortly
Banners88: If you fancy it.
Banners88: 50505
Banners88: Leeds
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Aaron, night all :)
HST125Scorton: KX closing in 20mins no more connections
TheBVE2010: Ok
HST125Scorton: Leon try again sorry press wrong button
Class66720: Am trying now :)
HST125Scorton: Update your KX then reconnect
Class66720: Don't have latest version apparently. :9
HST125Scorton: I've missed some
HST125Scorton: Keep trying please
Jezzabusdriver: Joining
Class66720: I keep having mine rejected
Class66720: Joining now
HST125Scorton: KX now open details in fourm
Class66720: Keep gettimg rejectedfrom it
HST125Scorton: Anyone trying to connect please keep trying I will get accept just taking a while.
Class66720: ok
HST125Scorton: Saltley now full with 1 in queue
Class66720: Anymore people required for Saltley?
WinsfordSaltMine: trrying to connect aaron
HST125Scorton: Saltley now open details in fourm
WinsfordSaltMine: we know why lol
HST125Scorton: Give me to 2100
HST125Scorton: Boo lol
WinsfordSaltMine: I want to play tonight, not host lol
HST125Scorton: Another Saltley/BNS?
HST125Scorton: entertain me please WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: Anyone planning to host tonight
lama77: Thanks WSM - very enjoyable session. S1 on New St is a usual a interesting position in this chain :)
WinsfordSaltMine: thanks to all who joined
WinsfordSaltMine: Now closed

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