25 - 06 - 2016

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Banners88: Hmm, had to reset my router a few weeks ago. Will try to fix,.
tjfrancis: getting discon from Marylebone
Banners88: If anyone wants to join me I'm in Marylebone mode.
KymriskaDraken: Can you take the politics somewhere else please?
Gambo211: The vote was just advisory. It could take two years to actually leave
Vortexhaha: Now everything is going to be more expensive
Vortexhaha: Wow, we have now left the EU
arabianights: looks like it's gonna be a long night
arabianights: referudum game anyone?
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Tony! Night all :)
headshot119: Someone else beat me to it !
mackeral1234: thank you - sorting
headshot119: @Mackeral1234 just go into your license manager and request the license unlock, if you let me know when you've requested it I can unlock it for you
mackeral1234: Would if my license wasnt locked to laptop when it was Win8 since upgrade HardDrive and OS not Marylebone :(
JamesN: Not connecting for me Tony
JamesN: Anybody home?
tjfrancis: Marylebone is up
TheBVE2010: I will be joining shortly
tjfrancis: looks like i need to re instell Motherwell so Marylebone is in use
DaveHarries: Awaiting IP for Motherwell...
DaveHarries: Cool.
tjfrancis: motherwell coming up in 5 mints
TheBVE2010: I'm just gonna end this conversation by kindly asking the people of SimSig not to respond to me asking if anyone is hosting with a link to the forum. Thanks
TheBVE2010: And I have previously spoken about the same thing, so doing it again seems pretty deliberate.
TheBVE2010: That's your opinion. But rather than trying to make me look like a SimSig freshie and giving me a link to the forum, why not just keep quiet.
KymriskaDraken: I'm with Karl here. The "is anyone hosting" comments are extremely annoying.
TheBVE2010: And it really get's annoying when people respond to that question with a link to the forum. I've been playing SimSig for nearly 2 years
TheBVE2010: Firstly, the person may not put up the post until the last minute (for whatever reason), and secondly, I was not asking someone to host (if that's what you're implying). I was simply asking if anyone was thinking of hosting.
headshot119: Nope, if someone has planned a host then there'll be a post, filling the shoutbox with "is someone hosting" doesn't get anyone anywhere
TheBVE2010: No response? I must be right
TheBVE2010: Someone may be hosting tonight but may not put up the post until the last minute
TheBVE2010: I never meant it like that
KymriskaDraken: And cue the "not everyone posts when they are hosting" thing
TheBVE2010: That doesn't mean no one is hosting tonight
headshot119: Doesn't look like it «link»
TheBVE2010: Anyone hosting tonight?
headshot119: All simulations ship with at least one timetable, as I said yesterday...
You need to go "Show - Options - Control - Tick Use Public Documents Fodler" then relaunch the sim
Rhardiment: Hi, when you have downloaded Carlisle how come no timetable with simulation, bit strange?
Rhardiment: Hi, can someone explain why Carlise and Cambridge will not open as security say it is a corrupt file, any thoughts please
HST125Scorton: Thanks to all who joined Saltley/Derby. Hopefully resume at weekend
HST125Scorton: No more connections to Saltley closing in 10-12mins time
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting Aaron and James. Night all :)
Jamesh1492: *derby
Jamesh1492: No more connections on Drby
TheBVE2010: In now
Jamesh1492: try port 50505
TheBVE2010: James?
HST125Scorton: Derby also open too
TheBVE2010: Can't connect to Derby
HST125Scorton: Saltley back open for connection
Jamesh1492: Derby posted
HST125Scorton: Saltley back open for connections as wellas Derby once IP is posted
HST125Scorton: James add you details to the forum below mine
HST125Scorton: Session paused.
TheBVE2010: In
HST125Scorton: Everyone try again
HST125Scorton: Let me have a look
AndyG: discon
Jamesh1492: wont let me connect
HST125Scorton: North panel under Host control
HST125Scorton: Saltley no open
TheBVE2010: Yes please! 0445 start would be appreciated as well :)
HST125Scorton: Can change the TT to default if wanted?
TheBVE2010: I'm sure the 1995-6 timetable was hosted last night
TheBVE2010: I agree with James
killakanz: Saltley tonight? I'm up for that if there's room
Jamesh1492: should do a more up to date TT HST
DWeb: Ok, that's cool, i'll be sure to join.
HST125Scorton: Dweb I'm hosting Saltley this evening 7.30pm to Midnight
DWeb: May host Worksop later tonight, any interest?
headshot119: @Rhardiment I suspect you need to tick your use public documents setting in the settings menu. All sims ship with at least one default TT
Rhardiment: Thanks for Carlisle timetable link
Trainfan344: Not sure why Cambridge is corrupted.
Trainfan344: timetables for Carlisle: «link»
Trainfan344: timetables for trent: «link»
Rhardiment: Hi, Why no timetable available for Trent, also no timetable for Carlisle and Cambridge is corrupted WHY? anyone got answers
Vortexhaha: No worries Tim, we are looking forward to the next session
Temple Meads: Saltley closed - many thanks to everyone who joined in!
TheBVE2010: Thanks again for hosting Tim. Night all :)
arabianights: it would take me at least five minutes to sort, wouldn't be fair of me to keep panel
arabianights: sorry tim something went up with my simsig too
Temple Meads: Thanks for letting me know :)
Jamesh1492: Tim you can give my pannel away. I wont be rejoining PC playing up to much. Cheers for host
Temple Meads: Ta for info mate :)
Jamesh1492: Sorry tim pc crashed will be back in 2
Temple Meads: Saltley is open.
TheBVE2010: Safe!
Jamesh1492: woop woop
HST125Scorton: Lovely
Temple Meads: Saltley from 21:00 then - writing forum post now.
TheBVE2010: Thanks in advance Temple Meads
TheBVE2010: Looks like we've got ourselves a session :P
HST125Scorton: That would be great this you can :)
Jamesh1492: I would host but I wanna play tonight.
Temple Meads: I could host Saltley, but will be a new start game I think.
Jamesh1492: evening
HST125Scorton: Evening James
Jamesh1492: do a midlands chain
Temple Meads: Hmm I do have a save of that
HST125Scorton: I've tried to host but my ports keep going wrong, what about a Saltley host where everyone can join
TheBVE2010: We haven't had a VSE session for a while
TheBVE2010: Same
Temple Meads: Would be happy to play if anyone else is looking to host as well.
Temple Meads: Hmm okay
HST125Scorton: Don't have that one
Temple Meads: Anyone want a game of Wembley ML at 21:00?
HST125Scorton: Wondering myself Leon :P , Tried to get my ports working on my router, it worked for a while then stopped
TheBVE2010: Anyone hosting tonight?
KymriskaDraken: The Euroterminal is centre-bottom of the sim, on the Willesden Relief lines between Willesden No 7 Jn and Willesden West London Jn
headshot119: @Rhardiment you are probably best asking this in the Wembley Mainline section of the forum
Rhardiment: Hi folks, anyone used Wembley Mainline recently, 4B58 ex Kensington, where does this train run to, timetable shows Euroterminal, can anyone help please
DWeb: Session ended, thanks for joining.
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting DWeb. Night all :)
DWeb: Yeah, after a while
TheBVE2010: You said they're ending up in your emails
TheBVE2010: Not sure what's wrong Dweb
arabianights: (or vice versa)
DWeb: Ah, BVE! I swear I'm not getting your messages!
arabianights: I can host LTS if you want tbve
arabianights: well
TheBVE2010: o
TheBVE2010: Me to
arabianights: and probably be ok cause less people have it
arabianights: lol, I'd love LTS
DWeb: Ah. It's good I didn't go with LTS then, huh?
arabianights: I meant it in the sense of there only being 3 'decent' panels, not some kind of weird grudge against one of them
arabianights: wait that sounded wrong
arabianights: I guess I'd be interested in theory if one of the other guys dropped out :D
lama77: I'm in too.
Jamesh1492: id be intrested
DWeb: I may host exeter if there's interest
nezza: anyone planning host tonight?
headshot119: Yes, press the edit button bottom right of the post you have made. If you can't do it you've missed the time frame for it
quarantinetimer: Does anyone know how to edit your posts?
HST125Scorton: Anyone planning a host this evening? Nothing posted
Finger: Thank you all for joining, too
Roadrunner: Night, Folks!
Roadrunner: Hello HST. It is worth installing Bristol at least!
HST125Scorton: I didn't attend this session as never bothered to install the sims lol... :P
Roadrunner: Hello Kiila. Didn't see you down there!
killakanz: I enjoyed that. Westbury all to myself for most of the night
Roadrunner: Thanks for session, JP. Almost one sim each :)
Finger: Western chain closed
DWeb: Sorry i wasn't able to join again JP, unexpected change of plan. Thanks for the host anyway though.
Finger: Chain open now
TheBVE2010: So when will you be starting?
Finger: Oh, very good!
killakanz: Might have to go with an easy panel, I think the missus "accidently" spilled some red wine in the bolognese again :P
Finger: I'm gonna put it up
killakanz: I'm interested
TheBVE2010: I'm interested as well finger
Gambo211: I'm interested. Mostly because I'm a Westerner :P
DWeb: I'm definitely interested, Finger
Finger: I could host a western chain. In contrast to yesterday's, it would be a calm, easy, plain sailing one. Would you be interested?
arabianights: I will host Wimbledon tonight probably or maybe a Victoria. That's if no one else is hosting
killakanz: any sessions going on now?
TheBVE2010: I don't mind
garylaw: anyone fancy a Derby sim tonight?
Vortexhaha: Hope u join us for more chaotic sims
Vortexhaha: Session finished
WinsfordSaltMine: 10 mins to 2330 anyway
WinsfordSaltMine: Might aswell finish ti here
Vortexhaha: WSM
Vortexhaha: Resync BNS
Vortexhaha: Sorry about the session
Vortexhaha: Night Leon
Vortexhaha: Paused
TheBVE2010: Thanks for hosting guys! Night all
Vortexhaha: Internet crashed
Vortexhaha: Wait till 0730 time
Vortexhaha: Derby crashed on my comptuer
Vortexhaha: Break on Absolute chaos session
killakanz: I'll be able to start in about 10 minutes...
killakanz: always seems to happen when I'm not watching, what's available?
Vortexhaha: We need at least 2 people on Saltley
WinsfordSaltMine: 1 Aston
WinsfordSaltMine: 1 New St
Vortexhaha: We have
Vortexhaha: 0 on Saltley, 1 on Derby now
WinsfordSaltMine: so come on lets get signalling and keep the trains running
WinsfordSaltMine: come on guys we need more people
Vortexhaha: «link»
Vortexhaha: Connections are listed on forum...http://www.simsig.co.uk/index.php?option=com_kunena&view=topic&catid=29&id=41499&Itemid=0#83104
Northern Line: proper
Vortexhaha: Connections are open
Vortexhaha: Chaos is here
Vortexhaha: Chain Starting at 21:45 BST
WinsfordSaltMine: I'm ready when you are
Vortexhaha: Yeah I'm here
LucasLCC: Any interest in a host?
WinsfordSaltMine: vorx you about????
WinsfordSaltMine: no, I'm now wating on vorx lol
killakanz: oh, has this started?
WinsfordSaltMine: now vorx isn't about lol
WinsfordSaltMine: Vorx, ready when you are
Northern Line: ez WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: Killa not this aston your not, vorx has caused chaos everywhere lol
WinsfordSaltMine: give me 30-40 mins
WinsfordSaltMine: Vorxtex
Vortexhaha: WSM doesn't look like he is available today
arabianights: can join a new street game until 9
arabianights: when you thinking of starting?
killakanz: had a lot of practice on that one :P
killakanz: If that's happening I'm pretty good a soloing Aston :P
Vortexhaha: It was the BNS-Saltley-Aston-Derby chain
Vortexhaha: Idk if WSM is available tonight
killakanz: so is a chain happening tonight?
GW43125: It was BHM-Saltley I think
DWeb: Vortex, what is the chain?
Vortexhaha: i will do that absolute mayhem chain that I did with WSM (depending if he is available)
Vortexhaha: Anyone doing a chain tonight, bec if not, i will
killakanz: aw that's a pity, I just came online
quarantinetimer: Simulation will unfortunately have to be ended due to lack of activity.
quarantinetimer: Simulation restarted due to perceived connection difficulties.
quarantinetimer: «link»
quarantinetimer: Exeter 2006 starting NOW.
BarryM: yes
Guts: ANyone still up?
Guts: Sorry all. Comp restarted
Jamesh1492: Saltley now closed! cheers to all who joined to night was, good with the TCF at the start!!
killakanz: this is LM
killakanz: Saltley, I got disconnected, can't reconnect
Jamesh1492: NO more connections on Saltley
arabianights: due to 45 minute delay :P
arabianights: withdrawing my offer to join
TheBVE2010: Thanks for the session JAME. Night all!
peterb: Trent?
arabianights: I'll join Bham for an hour or so
Guts: Let me know
Guts: Saltley/Bham/Derby/Aston?

Guts: What do we want?
Guts: I can host.
DaveHarries: Will join SY in a bit.
WinsfordSaltMine: so its must of finished
WinsfordSaltMine: it actually says 1100 thursday
DWeb: I suppose so, Killa. lol
killakanz: hmm... I think typing out 16/06/16 (THURS) instead of 15/06/16 (WED) would be a big typo :P
Jamesh1492: Saltley now open and in forum
DWeb: Could just be a typo, tbh
killakanz: maybe a continuation of last night?
killakanz: forum post says it's for 16/06... «link»
WinsfordSaltMine: Killa NWC was yesterday
killakanz: although, double checking, the timing says it should be starting right now, maybe I'm jumping the gun a bit...
killakanz: Any sessions going? The forum says there should be a North Wales Coast session going tonight, but I can't connect to it
Northern Line: Hey everyone, any sessions on tonight?
killakanz: going to carry on learning simsig, even though I didn't get the job :/
killakanz: ooo, North Wales Coast, I think I might get in on that :)
killakanz: any sessions on tonight?
KymriskaDraken: No, they only come out at night ;)
chrisdmadd: any day time siggers about???
Aurora: Paisley resuming shortly.
chrisdmadd: WSM 50505
chrisdmadd: host up..... sorry WSM
WinsfordSaltMine: keep ab its fun :)
chrisdmadd: see i can never be bothered with AB haha
WinsfordSaltMine: lol, chuck a few late running and faliures in even better :P
WinsfordSaltMine: nice and busy with ab equals challenge
WinsfordSaltMine: yeah go on
chrisdmadd: project X NWC?
chrisdmadd: what do we fancy
WinsfordSaltMine: anyone hosting tonight?
arabianights: actually I need to do stuff anyway so d/w about me
arabianights: :P
arabianights: how rude!
TheBVE2010: Sorry if I sound a bit rude but does it have to be that sim?
arabianights: SUB's only one person anyway
arabianights: how about a ML host?
chrisdmadd: No I wish I was but it doesn't chain properly
arabianights: CM are you running Wembley still?
KymriskaDraken: Mantis is for developers and testers
chrisdmadd: Can anyone see details on mantis or is it just a mod thing where bugs are reported?
Gambo211: My train was cancelled as I'm waiting in Taunton. What did you guys do? :P
quarantinetimer: Ugh, time zones make things so complicated.
chrisdmadd: but the chain is up and running with 2 happy signallers
chrisdmadd: Ill go with a combination of the two
JamesN: I'd suggest that 11am on a weekday has a much greater impact on numbers than it being payware
quarantinetimer: Ah, it's a paid sim. That explains why you are having personnel problems.
chrisdmadd: well SUB has one on so probably cant reeally split that down too much more. ML has only me on so soon enough will need more
quarantinetimer: I'm here, but I don't know much about this particular sim...
chrisdmadd: anyone around for a wembley chain?!
Aurora: Closed, thanks to BAZZ, ANDG and DAVE for joining. Sorry DAVJ, needed a restart which took longer than usual.
DaveHarries: Indeed.
Aurora: Back open now.
Aurora: Will restart sim shortly.
Aurora: Might have to abort and try again.
Aurora: Stalled.
arabianights: lost connection?
Aurora: Paisley open.
Aurora: If there's interest, I can do a Paisley host.
Kirkinstein: cheers, that worked
Gambo211: Yeah I know that bug. I managed to deal with it by doing f2 and deleting the train to fix it
Kirkinstein: if anyone has played oxted simsig i cant seem to get 5p13 out of sanderstead and i cannot do anything to it since it is not in my control. i dont know what to do but its holding up everything coming from south croydon
welwyn: but cant host, as in a hotel
welwyn: yes, i'm up for a multi
Rhardiment: chrisdmadd:- Thank you for your help
DaveHarries: Hoping for a game tonight if anyone hosts.
chrisdmadd: the signal is CH62, You will notice a green button called slot on CH62, click that, then the Release CH62 light flashed, click that, now set the route
Rhardiment: Can anyone please help. I have been trying the Stafford simulation, great, but how do you get a train to leave platform 1 towards Hedensford and get a class 6 freight into rugeley

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