28 - 07 - 2015

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Tomiexpress: Stafford closed, thx for joing
Morsey: Might open up KX again at 2300. Would anyone be interested?
Tomiexpress: y still o[pen
DaveHarries: CHeers Jim.
jimbolimbo9: is stafford still open?
jimbolimbo9: Yes I'm pretty sure it is Dave
DaveHarries: Probably a stupid question but is Westbury Down Yard the same as Westbury Down TC?
Tomiexpress: Hello, Stafford open, continuation of my game , ip :)
AndyG: not connecting here either
jimbolimbo9: If i'm right bristol session is off now due to lack of connections
Dhassell: Ive not even joined a session by you?
DSeaWall: Not really. If you're going to be like you are on my sessions.
jimbolimbo9: Yeah
Dhassell: Anyone up for a Bristol session? ;)
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused thanks to all who joined
tjfrancis: no new connexsions on kgx cloueing in 10 mints
tjfrancis: got 2 in q with all panel taken
tjfrancis: sim now running with all panel taken with no one in q
tjfrancis: kings cross is up
mackeral1234: anything
Badger1208: I'm up for a kgx tonight
DaveHarries: I am going out briefly but will join on return
tjfrancis: i can do if they are some singers around
arabianights: tony mentioned he may be hosting kgx aroundnow
DaveHarries: Anyone planning to host later?
JamesN: Yes there are some NR test trains in the default TT for Wembley ML
Jamesh1492: The nr ones
tjfrancis: any one up for a host
Sacro: It depends what you mean by "test train"
Jamesh1492: I've got the one that comes with the sim
JamesN: Depends on the timetable
Jamesh1492: Does Wembley have any?
Sacro: Depends on the timetable
Jamesh1492: Does anyone know if test trains run in the sims?
JamesN: Wembley closing in 20 minutes
JamesN: Wembley Mainline open. «link»
Jamesh1492: Is anyone hosting.
DaveHarries: Nor do I. I am back now.
tjfrancis: i do not mide joining on somethink
DaveHarries: I am just going to get some dinner and will be back soon.
arabianights: I'd host something if there's another player as well as Dave (i.e. at least 3 including me)
DaveHarries: Will be around until about 9:30
DaveHarries: Anyone planning on a session later?
Temple Meads: VSE closed. Cheers to ROD, DAVJ, ANDG, CM01 and NZAJ for playing :)
Temple Meads: VSE is open for connections.
arabianights: righty ho, in the meantime I will be regisstereing my dogs as labour party supporters so they can vote for jeremey corbyn
Temple Meads: Yep I have it. Will open at 2200 BST.
arabianights: if not I can dig out the "initial state" I would thik
Temple Meads: Oooh yes I remember it. Will see if I still have it.
arabianights: TM may I suggest continuation of that vicky se session from a while back if you have the save still
DaveHarries: IIRC there was a plan last night for an Exeter (and / or Westbury) session this evening. I am only around until about 2130 though.
Temple Meads: I'm available to host from 2100. Just need to work out what sim(s).
DaveHarries: Exeter session now open. / 50505
arabianights: I would donate if it were genuine free software, or at least open source with non commercial modification permitted. As it is I am happy to pay for sims but wouldn't consider donating, on principle
DaveHarries: Trying to join on Westbury but not getting very far. Trying second time as data from session took too long to update.
ajax103: exeter/westbury now live, need 2 more on exeter and 3 on westbury
DaveHarries: Exeter and Westbury chain now pending
Morsey: I know it costed money to build sims and run the site, hence I have just gone ahead and bought some sims. Like most things I would donate if I had the spare money lying around
Morsey: I've always knows as and referred to SimSig as freeware as everything was free to download. I have also paid for a few sims though
arabianights: it's arguable whether it's donationware because it's not free software, although I am not inclined to argue about it too much (today)
headshot119: *donationware
Morsey: Anyone that fancies a freeware sim, ive opened up KX again
arabianights: cancelled the Wimbeldon as well idea doesn't work
arabianights: Feltenham is on the IP in his thread, Wibeldon on
arabianights: ok ajax and I have come to an arrangement, chain will go ahead one of us serving a half of it
arabianights: areyou only running feltham then?
arabianights: can connect to feltenham fine
arabianights: I can test for connectivity, but I am not buying feltham as it doesn't apeal to me at all
ajax103: try just the Feltham sim fella
arabianights: is it sitll on?
arabianights: cannot connect using provided details
ajax103: It's a Wimbledon and Feltham chain however if lack of interest may just host something smaller like Westbury or Exeter
ajax103: DaveHarries, there's a session tonight I'm hosting
DaveHarries: Anyone planning on hosting tonight? If not I will carry on my TT writing.
Jamesh1492: From dn to up but figured it now need let overlap clear.
Tomiexpress: thaat all :)
Tomiexpress: ah and the r862 must be red for overlap 864
Tomiexpress: for down dir , strat sig 864 to siding, for up the 496 shunt signal, work with no problem
Tomiexpress: Jamesm from what signal (up/down dir? )
Weir69: Wait, found it! A big "Download here" button wouldn't go amiss on the homepage! Now lets see how many trains I crash :S
Weir69: I can't seem to find the download fo the system files. Can somebody help? Thanks.
Weir69: Hi,
Jamesh1492: On Westbury how do you get a train to enter bedwyn sidings
headshot119: Though it's not just "The Junction" simulated on it, but all the way from Saltney Junction to Holyhead + the Conwy Valley + Llandudno
Meld: and its free ;)
Meld: 365 take a look at North Wales Coast - last time i looked LLan Jcn was in it
365ShaneEyoho: *Simulation
365ShaneEyoho: is there a Llandudno Junction Simulator
Guts: Sorry for all the memory issues. Till next time.
DaveHarries: Aston packed up.
HST125Scorton: Saltley is still up and working
LucasLCC: I think Guts is having sim issues. BNS is still up, not sure about the rest..
DaveHarries: Still not back in. Could be a power cut at host's end, or a server / ISP failure
DaveHarries: Dropped here as well.
HST125Scorton: Connection dropped out cannot get back.. -_-
DaveHarries: Sim crashed on me: trying to r/c
Sacro: Dropped?
DaveHarries: And me on Aston
Guts: Saltley full
Guts: Saltley two
Guts: Bham full
fdlbc: Hi everybody, any panels free?
Guts: Try again.
Steamer: Ditto
HST125Scorton: Cannot get connected at Saltley
Guts: :D oh
Guts: The ports were wrong
Guts: I've sorted the ports now. they were wrong. I'm using Ver 4.5.1
HST125Scorton: O.O need to read properly
HST125Scorton: are your ports mixed up? 50506 reports as BNS
LucasLCC: Not using a tester loader or something are you Guts?
HST125Scorton: Cannot get on says check for updates done that but non :(
Guts: Multi Sim up and running
DaveHarries: True. I was in need of a pnb. I meant to say anyone planning to host tionight? lol
Sacro: Come on Dave, you know your way around - «link»
DaveHarries: ANy games tonight?
headshot119: @Harwich90 If you have a question please post it in the forum, not everyone sees the shotbox and your shout may get lost as time goes by.
kbarber: What is it you're after? Not sure what help I can be (especially as I have limited time to be on here) but I'll do what I can.
harwich90: hello
harwich90: Can someone help me
Morsey: Just for the record if anyone is bored, opened up KX. Was going to play on own but may aswell open up
WinsfordSaltMine: any else able too
WinsfordSaltMine: ok no prob
joebradleymanor: gtg im afraid, sorry mate
WinsfordSaltMine: try now
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford it is then
joebradleymanor: er lots of the free ones like stafford, saltely
WinsfordSaltMine: which do you have :0
WinsfordSaltMine: 1 min I do a diff sim
joebradleymanor: sorry aint got brighton :(
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok its on Brighton and the ip is and the port is 50505
joebradleymanor: ok
joebradleymanor: ok
WinsfordSaltMine: I've just attempt lol to set up port forwarding cool you possibly try to connect to the test sim I have set up, see if it works lol
joebradleymanor: what?
WinsfordSaltMine: Guys, can someone do we a favour
DaveHarries: Damn. Too much TT writing.
Tomiexpress: stafford*
Tomiexpress: stafforg closed, thx
Tomiexpress: stafford still open
DaveHarries: I will be in shortly
Tomiexpress: Safford , for hour or two, ip
jimbolimbo9: OK joe, i don't mind any
joebradleymanor: now full
arabianights: ok see you in amo
joebradleymanor: ip is
joebradleymanor: sorry i ment waterloo
joebradleymanor: how about liverpool street?
joebradleymanor: ok
joebradleymanor: ok
arabianights: and it's not trent
arabianights: if you're quick
joebradleymanor: anyone wanna join?
joebradleymanor: for an hour
joebradleymanor: i can host
jimbolimbo9: is anyone willing to host a free sim tonight?
DaveHarries: Anyone hosting later?
arabianights: Paisley closed
arabianights: Paisley open for connections on same details as LTS thread
arabianights: and MIKE didn't mean to close that!
arabianights: sampe ip as in thread
arabianights: we are now switching to paisley as it is easier to run with 2, but you are welcome to join
Banners88: Dont have LTS sorry chaps!
arabianights: MIKE and I would appreciate another signaller if one be avalable...
arabianights: LTS open for connection «link»
arabianights: will be 15 min delayed
arabianights: (especially given realisticlly an LTS game may be hard to get going)
arabianights: I will host something at 10 pm, probably LTS which is the thread I will create, but will take requests and evaluate them at 10
welwyn: closed
welwyn: ok, fun time, multi player posted start in 15 mins
DaveHarries: Got a bit of shopping to do: will join a multiplayer on return if any aare still going.
Trainmad091: cant find the details in fourum
joebradleymanor: now try
joebradleymanor: ops hang on
Tomiexpress: loader
Tomiexpress: u have not uptade ver.
joebradleymanor: port 50505
joebradleymanor: ok hang on
Tomiexpress: send me a ip for sim if u still have time
joebradleymanor: you there?
joebradleymanor: yeah
Tomiexpress: hi all :)
Tomiexpress: joe u re on line?
joebradleymanor: anyone wanna do stafford with me?
58050: Kev - contact me on Skype plz
KymriskaDraken: West Hampatead tt test continuation from about 1400BST. Details in forum in a little while.
AndyG: for Lime Street
AndyG: pcpc See «link»
pcpc: Hi people, does anyone on here have pics of the following boxes? Tweedmouth, Speke, Allerton and Lime Street?
arabianights: anyone from the WH game that just ended fancy something cosy and intimate?
DaveHarries: Will jopin shortly.
tjfrancis: andy try rejoin
tjfrancis: west hampsead now open
tjfrancis: West hampstead is now closed
tjfrancis: West Hampstead West Hampstead Summer 1991 now open
tjfrancis: SEMCMILLAN «link»
SEMCMILLAN: any sims opening??
Morsey: Cambridge/Peterborough open again «link»
MJD: Ajax need you on sim
ajax103: West Hampstead 1991 TT session tonight, feel free to join
rodney30: nath sorry I left I got internet issues but thanks for the hosty very enjoyable
y10g9: London Chain now closed
Morsey: Continuing cambridge/peterborough again: «link»
ajax103: Cheers
y10g9: done
ajax103: Y10g9 sorry, can you pm me as want ask you something off the forums
ajax103: Y10gp can you pm me please?
fdlbc: Thx, i`m online ;)
y10g9: Yes, 1 on each sim
fdlbc: Panels...
fdlbc: Any Panely avaiable?
y10g9: Plenty of panels available on both sims
y10g9: London Chain now Open
welwyn: good idea ;-)
y10g9: have you checked the forum ;)
welwyn: If no, I could host something
welwyn: is there a plan for multi player tonight ?
Morsey: Yea sorry will continue tomorrow, cheers for playing. Off for a cuppa
Morsey: Chaining old aims is a lot of work!
DaveHarries: If no continuation then many thanks for hosting.
Finger: Okay - thanks for the session. Bye!
DaveHarries: Bah. What hopes of continuing?
Morsey: Sorry guys, had a computer said no moment. Sent this from phone
DaveHarries: Disconnected here also.
AndyG: to much lag...discon
Finger: Disconnected from Cambridge...
Morsey: I did mean sim.... though will connect peterborough if it gets busy
Morsey: I said I would set up a new chain, so going old school with Cambridge; «link»
y10g9: London Chain now Shut.
y10g9: Panels are still available on both sims if anyone wants to join. Looking at playing till 2330 if signallers allow
arabianights: yipee
y10g9: Ok, connections can be made from now
y10g9: i haven't finished setting them up yet. connections are from 2030
arabianights: y10 am being chucked off is the start strictly 830:
arabianights: esp willesden
DaveHarries: ok cool. Grabbing a bite: in soon.
arabianights: webmley's all about euston and the cross overs
arabianights: victoria is more "intricate" in spiders web sense
y10g9: i'm putting details up
DaveHarries: Is anyone hosting?
primedetective: What's your reasoning?
arabianights: personally I prefer wembley but I think most would prefer victoria, if that makes sesne
primedetective: anyone have a preference as to whether Wembley or VicC is better? Thinking about buying one
arabianights: compeltely o/t: anyone know if a program exists, designed for a normal user not isp (i.e not fiddlign around with custom scripts for exim - I'm thinking more like rules in outlook) for semi-advanced email processing
SSR: I say wait for the next game m8,
arabianights: at this point it look like next game opening in aroudn 30 minutes «link» there really isn't any point imo
SSR: Sunday night
SSR: Another player would ease the load, too much brain work for a
arabianights: (which i am prepreared to do)
arabianights: we would need at least one other player, unless you want to handle every panel apart from london
SSR: If it lets me join your game arabianights I'm up for a quick game
arabianights: SSR if there is another one of us I can host a quick LTS while we wait for the Wembley + Victoria game
SSR: I'll look out for the LTS sessions
arabianights: just seen there's another game starting in an hour
arabianights: er, no I won't
arabianights: ok I will start one, with ruthless termination if no one turns up fairly shortly
DaveHarries: Am TT writing but will join the chain later.
tjfrancis: i up for a lts or a bhm
arabianights: (or perhaps BHM)
arabianights: anyone around for afternon/evening game of LTS?
Jamesh1492: Hiya I have a copy of the Freightliner Eastleigh driver diagrams if anyone of the admin are of interest and I also have a cope of all the head codes for Freightliner intermodal Of where they run from and to
mackeral1234: do every time before trying to play
lanzecki: Mackeral, run updates? That was my problem last night.
mackeral1234: how come i can never connect to Exeter :(
Morsey: Ive only gone and set up Exeter again. if you want to play «link» If youre bored, will be a different sim next week
DaveHarries: Can't find session details again for WH so presumed completely closed.
chrisdmadd: one of the ones i havent got shamr
DaveHarries: In shortly
KymriskaDraken: WH back up again
AndyG: no joy
KymriskaDraken: Nope, it's crashed again
KymriskaDraken: All sorted now - please reconnect for WH
AndyG: sim frozen here
KymriskaDraken: WH crashed. Please reconnect
rodney30: just got disconnected fro west hampstead
Sacro: Emergency Replacement Switch?
Roadrunner: Quick question - what is the proper name for an "R" button (next to an automatic signal)?
DaveHarries: Currently doing TT writing: in for WH shortly.
KymriskaDraken: WH open for connections
KymriskaDraken: WH tt test session from 1200BST. Details in forum
Morsey: Now closed
Morsey: Those of you having a night in, still plenty of space on Exeter
sloppyjag: lanzecki, sounds like your loader is out of date. click on "check for updates" in loader to update to latest version
lanzecki: Ahh, fixed, I was running out of date software.
Morsey: Try updating your loader version
lanzecki: Hi, I'm trying to join Morsey's Exeter host but getting "You do not have a suitable licence to join this game". It's been a while since I joined a hosted session. What am I missing?
y10g9: London Sims Chain Shut
Morsey: Apologies, Ip was wrong!
y10g9: Space is stil available on both Wembley Mainline and Victoria Central
mackeral1234: Morsey - can not connect
Morsey: Continuation of my Exeter 4 day save open «link»
chrisdmadd: thank you so much
Peter Bennet: About 4 mins as I was poised!
JamesN: depends if any of the admins are online to process it
chrisdmadd: how long would licence unlock take if i submit now? its for wembley ML
rodney30: i have restarted my laptop to see if that works hopefully
y10g9: Rodney, any luck? I've got 3 others on Victoria Central so doubting its something my end
y10g9: Both correct. port 50507
rodney30: loader 4.5.1 sim 1.5

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