22 - 09 - 2014

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tjfrancis: is any one up for westbury
larsht: thanks for having us :)
Aurora: Trent now closed, thanks to JP, ARON, BUST, DELT, DAVE, CS, BAZZ, LARS, PETE for joining in.
DaveHarries: DELT and I will join Trent shortly
Aurora: Some panels still available, starting shortly...
Finger: peterb: That speed would be sufficient for simsig
Aurora: See forum.
peterb: yip
Aurora: That's Broadband???
peterb: no idea
peterb: super slow :(
D3L74: What's the problem with it?
peterb: also i don't think i have the bandwidth «link»
D3L74: You're free to join us on Brighton
peterb: also re: me hosting, i don't think my ports are set up
DaveHarries: ah ok
D3L74: So you can easily dl it
D3L74: It's free
peterb: Wasn't me, I don't have brighton. sorry!
DaveHarries: I think someone connected but immediately D/C. Please retry
DaveHarries: Pete: did you get my PM?
DaveHarries: I had the request DELT and I accepted it
D3L74: Nope, works
DaveHarries: DELT is in
D3L74: Nope, same
DaveHarries: Any success, D3?
DaveHarries: Pete: I have sent you a PM. If this fail;s can you host a 3-player?
D3L74: My router settings are buzzed up too
D3L74: I think Pete can host
DaveHarries: Having problems with settings though. Will PM you Pete
DaveHarries: Was going to do a Brighton. but if you two wish to do it jointly I will host
peterb: room for one more?
DaveHarries: OK give it another go. If this doesn't work I don't know what will. May have been my router settings.
D3L74: Tell me on the chat when you send the second PM
DaveHarries: PM sent. See what happens if you wire in on the loader version of Brighton
D3L74: Right
DaveHarries: OK hang on: I will set up the sim, then PM you.
D3L74: Why not ?
DaveHarries: D3L74: if you fancy a 2-player I will try and setup Brighton?
DaveHarries: Aye it would
D3L74: Would be nice
DaveHarries: Damn. Pity about the KX session: any more hosting tonite?
DaveHarries: >M.A.T: There is a North London Line sim but it isn't a scrolly.
D3L74: Found them
D3L74: Where can I download timetables ?
madaboutrains: Could their be a simsig northern line
D3L74: Keep us updated with sessions
jadamson2704: i might be able to come on for 9ish, TBC
tjfrancis: sim cloused do to tec prombles
tjfrancis: and it on a diffent tt as well
tjfrancis: try now on 50507 had to reset sim again
SPADmad: i cant connect :(
D3L74: Can't connect
tjfrancis: ok it back up
tjfrancis: plalce is left
tjfrancis: pm
tjfrancis: runing into 10:30
D3L74: Cool, how long will you be hosting it ?
georgerb: KX is up and running.
tjfrancis: kx is open
tjfrancis: ok i wll put up a kx up for a 18:00 pm start
DaveHarries: I will keep my eyes out.
DaveHarries: But a bit alter this evening (9-ish)
DaveHarries: I will be up for Central Scotland (not played it for ages) or Motherwell, or Carlisle, or KX.
tjfrancis: kx will be good but well need 4 signalers to play
D3L74: KX would be nice, it's a nice classic
tjfrancis: any others or carlisle or any other sim
jadamson2704: joining, not hosting i should add
jadamson2704: later on this evening
jadamson2704: central scot, motherwell, carlisle I can do
tjfrancis: i can put a host up if any one got any idea for sim
D3L74: Yeah
DaveHarries: I hope so, perhaps later this evening
D3L74: Hi there, any hosting planned today ?
Aurora: Nah, don't want to start a new game. I like to carry through my games before I start new ones. ;)
peterb: no worries i'm up for something smaller if you want?
Aurora: Sorry Pete. would need at least 4 players. No interest in last 15 mins so closed.
peterb: oh
peterb: did someone say trent?! :D
Aurora: Host closed due to lack of interest. Maybe next time...
Aurora: If I get enough players then I'll do it, otherwise will keep for another time.
Aurora: Let's see how we go...
Aurora: I can host for a bit if there's the interest as no one's currently hosting a game.
Aurora: Any interest in a Trent host now?
Roadrunner: Too late to start Saltley, I think, B. Not enough players here in Europe. See you next time. Good day Australia!
Roadrunner: Understood, Lars. Thanks for letting us know. Anyone else for Saltley continuation?
larsht: roadrunner: i think the bed calls :)
belly buster: Saltley closed
Roadrunner: Ta, B. Any more for a Saltley continuation.? Shout now.
larsht: thanks for good playing at belly busters saltley
BarryM: Yes
Roadrunner: Anyone wishing to continue with another Saltley?
belly buster: Saltley full and closing at 00:30
belly buster: Saltley still running - panels free
tjfrancis: discon
tjfrancis: just try to get in but got discob
belly buster: Saltley 20:30 start open «link»
Hpotter: whoops... my finger slipped! :P
peterb: MODS
Temple Meads: SwinDid closed.
Finger: Okay now
Temple Meads: ARON is in. Whoever connected without a nickname should try again, with their name! :)
Roadrunner: Cunning ploy, Batman!
Finger: Ports filtered, TM
Temple Meads: Note the IP has changed!
Roadrunner: Will do.
Temple Meads: Try now
Roadrunner: Unable to connect to SwinDid, TM.
Temple Meads: SwinDid is open.
Temple Meads: I'll get it in the forum for a 2300 start, then.
Roadrunner: Hello, TM. One more for SwinDid.
Finger: I will only be available for an hour or so, so it's entirely up to you.
Temple Meads: Yes, well I very rarely do, anyway! Want me to get it ready?
Finger: Ah. I have forgotten it's only me who hosts crazy timetables :)
Temple Meads: Winter 2006-7
Finger: Could do with SwinDid for a while, which TT?
Temple Meads: I could put some SwinDid on, if anyone fancies it?
KymriskaDraken: Bristol closing soon. No new connections please
D3L74: Oh okay cool
KymriskaDraken: Downloads section, but you don't need it if you are joining a hosted session
D3L74: I've reached my dl limit anyway :(
D3L74: Where can I dl the TT ?
D3L74: Nice
KymriskaDraken: Bristol 1983 Summer TT from 1800. Details in forum
Finger: Thanks for the hosting Guts
Aurora: Chain now closed.
Finger: Guts, are you still accepting?
Bagger2B: How do you join an online session eg KX?
Guts: All chained together
Guts: All three are up
Guts: Come and join us dave
Guts: It's up
DaveHarries: I would settle for KX for an hour or so.
DaveHarries: Ytue
D3L74: KX doesn't need too many players
D3L74: Which one then ?
D3L74: Right
DaveHarries: Well, not necessarily Gloucester but something not too big. 3 or 4 panels perhaps.
Guts: Ok. Setting it up now. Technically need about 11 but I'm sure we'll get by till people join up.
Entimix: Not sure how long I'll want to stay up, but I could join for a bit
DaveHarries: You could be right. Try Gloucester for starters: me, Guts & D3
D3L74: I'm not sure there are enough players for a triple session
DaveHarries: So bring it on. I think I have all the sims so I don't mind what gets hosted.
D3L74: Same
DaveHarries: Guts: I would be up for a session.
D3L74: But will there be enough players ?
DaveHarries: I think I have them all, D3. The list, AFAIK, is: Aston, Brighton, Coventry, Exeter, Fenchurch, Kings Cross, Lancing, Liverpool Street station, Llangollen, Marylebone, Motherwell (Birmingham) New Street, Northeast Wales, North Wales Coast, Stafford, Swindon A&B IECC, Victoria Central, Victoria SouthEastern, Waterloo, Watford Junction, Wembley Mainline, West Hampstead, Westbury and Wolverhampton.
D3L74: Yes why not
Guts: Anyone want a triple host?? Bristol/Gloucester/SwinDid???
D3L74: Is there a list of Loader-compatible sims ?
D3L74: Oh :D
DaveHarries: Not from here: I am paying attention to the thunder & lightning outside.
D3L74: Any news ?
Temple Meads: I'm up for a game, but only until 2300, so I can't really host.
D3L74: That would be nice
DaveHarries: A session, hopefully, in about 45 minutes or so...
D3L74: So what's up ?
Entimix: Nope, one of the last pre-loaders I think
D3L74: Ah it's not a Loader
D3L74: I'll be having dinner first, tho
D3L74: Let me download it
Entimix: yes :)
D3L74: Is Carlisle freeware ?
Entimix: Mm, I could possibly go for some too
fsxfaulder: I could continue with one of my old Carlisle multiplayer save games if anyone's interested?
D3L74: Same
fsxfaulder: I do fancy a bit of SimSig tonight actually, been a while...
fsxfaulder: I forgot the SimSig teamspeak even existed!
DaveHarries: Hopefully something...
D3L74: So who's hosting what ?
DSeaWall: aand banned from ts...
CTCThiago: I'll be on TS in 2 ½ hours
BarryM: CTC TS?
CTCThiago: I'll host WH in about 1 hour
Temple Meads: Anyone else planning to host?
larsht: nice session tonight :)
flyingpigs123456: KX Closing at 21:00, no new connections please
flyingpigs123456: KX Is still open and going strong :)
flyingpigs123456: I'm still open for connections
flyingpigs123456: Wasn't keeping an eye on sim, try connecting now (I know I missed a few people)
flyingpigs123456: Yes,
peterb: is KX still up?
flyingpigs123456: KX Still up and running :)
D3L74: :)
flyingpigs123456: Yup I guessed
D3L74: I'm DELT
flyingpigs123456: :)
D3L74: Now yes, it's solved
flyingpigs123456: Are you running on the lastest version of the loader?
D3L74: Solved
D3L74: It says the server doesn't run the same sim as me, tho I launched KX
D3L74: Hi there
flyingpigs123456: KX Already full, 1 in queue
flyingpigs123456: KX OPEN and accepting connections
flyingpigs123456: Going to do KX because not everyone has payware
peterb: don't mind really. got any WH saves?
flyingpigs123456: KX?
peterb: would be up for a sim
flyingpigs123456: Anyone want to play a sim?
flyingpigs123456: Probs
svrdan: Maybe an evening host perhaps
flyingpigs123456: The needs to be a fair few people online
svrdan: Id be up for it
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a NewStreet, Coventry, Wolverhampton, Stafford and Aston chain?
flyingpigs123456: When I see a fair amouth of people online, I want to try and host a chain again, not been many BIG chains in a while
colin1059: anybody wants player for pane
belly buster: Carlisle closed
belly buster: Carlisle open «link»
DSeaWall: anyone planning to host?
flyingpigs123456: Due to a lack of interest, I'm closing Stafford
flyingpigs123456: Stafford is running, Lots of panels free
flyingpigs123456: Still waiting on the first connection ...........
flyingpigs123456: Stafford accepting connections :)
flyingpigs123456: Okay, heres the thing I'm bored today so I've put up a Stafford host, I will start accepting connections at midday (in 11 minutes) :)
Finger: South Humberside closed
DaveHarries: SH now playing. Plenty of panels free.
Finger: Okay. South Humberside is open
mackeral1234: 930 is good for me
DaveHarries: 9:15 or 9:30
DaveHarries: Sounds good. Hope we get a few players in. Set up with a 9:15 start tho: just grabbing a bite atm
Finger: How about South Humberside?
DaveHarries: Hoping for a sesh later. Don't mind what it is though.
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Saltley has restarted. Reconnect now.
Roadrunner: Night, Nell.
304033: Im going as well (NELL) have a good night.
Roadrunner: *Gonz
Roadrunner: OK Donz. See you next time.
Roadrunner: Saltley will restart soon.
Gonzo75: Thanks for the host, I'm gonna drop out now.
Roadrunner: I will restart shortly.
Roadrunner: *stepping up!
Roadrunner: Saltley stopped-automatic connection with port numbers tepping up!
Roadrunner: TR66 reconnect to Saltley.
Roadrunner: Saltley session under way.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Roadrunner: See you there soon, Gonz.
Gonzo75: Enjoyed Saltley last night, not a sim I am familiar with so will look forward to another session!
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
DaveHarries: 2 panels free. COme on you lot
tjfrancis: «link» that link dave
DaveHarries: ah ok goit ot
DaveHarries: Which was.....?
tjfrancis: it up as well
tjfrancis: no it the wm ip dave
DaveHarries: The original post has gone from the forum
DaveHarries: Can't be same IP as VC
tjfrancis: it is same as before on same ip and same port as wm
tjfrancis: give me two mits
DaveHarries: What is the IP for WM?
flyingpigs123456: VC Closed due to personal resons, WM will continue
flyingpigs123456: I am giving it to 21:00 if VC has no new connections, tony will continue the host as WM ONLY
flyingpigs123456: 1 Panel Free on Wembley Mainline
2 or 3 Panels Free on Victoria Central
tjfrancis: have you installed the System files
Loch Long: how do I get my Simsig to run, my computer keeps asking me for an App? :_(
flyingpigs123456: VC/WM (Victoria Central/Wembley Mainline) about to start

Please stand clear of the doors
flyingpigs123456: Ahh, just updating, didn't relise the was an update
DaveHarries: Can't connect on VC: host needs to update VC apparently.
flyingpigs123456: VC & WM now open
marquel41494: I Can Host Freeware for people that dont have it
DaveHarries: Could always add WM if demand is there
DaveHarries: VC for sure
flyingpigs123456: Anyone up for VC + WM?
flyingpigs123456: I'm home after being on a train which went through a lever crossing NOT lowered
flyingpigs123456: Which Victoria?
DaveHarries: A Victoria session would be fun.
DaveHarries: Anyone hosting this evening?
Steamer: Please could a mod approve my upload?
GeoffM: Thanks RR - deleted.
Roadrunner: The links below are spam. Do NOT click on them.
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed.
Roadrunner: Hi, Supernova. Yes, it is.
supernova: saltley still open??
Roadrunner: ArabianNights-see PM.
tjfrancis: joining in now
Roadrunner: Hello, TJF. Saltley is open now.
Roadrunner: Saltley is open for connections. Log-in NOW to join this multiplay. New players are welcome.
tjfrancis: is saltley open or wll it open at 20:10
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
Roadrunner: Are you free, Mr.Humpries? I'm free!
DaveHarries: Still hoping for a sesh at some point this evening. I guess not everyone is home from work / college, etc. yet...
flyingpigs123456: Dosn't look like my ports want to play ball (I'm checking it with Tony)
flyingpigs123456: I don't know if my ports are working atm
DaveHarries: Sounds fine to me. Would stay until dinner, then probably return after. Haven't played Victoria for a while but I don't mind WH.
tjfrancis: i do not have WH so for that reason I out
flyingpigs123456: OKay, is anyone up for WH? (I've made my mind up on WH
tjfrancis: yes i wll be up for that
DSeaWall: anyway I'm afraid i can't join tonight. :(
DSeaWall: i suppose...
flyingpigs123456: That was hour ago, you know how if my mind isn't used much I get distracted
DSeaWall: thomas I thought you said you weren't up for a sim...
flyingpigs123456: Anyone interested in doing New Street?
DaveHarries: I would be up for something
Insulfrog3: depends on what sim you are planning to host
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a host? I'm willing to host a sim if anyone is interested in playing :)
mfcooper: Early turn tomorrow - off to bed rather than hosting.
DaveHarries: I can't host either as my TT files are all on my old PC.
peterb: Can't host but would be a willing participate. Can't do victoria though.
JamesN: I concur, just waiting for the train home!

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