29 - 05 - 2015

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Guts: I'm om Wimbledon, but I don't mind hosting
HST125Scorton: Lovely.. Is Moonraker online?
Banners88: Very possible. But hoping for Moonraker to come out and play!
HST125Scorton: Banners any hosts from you this evening?
Banners88: Moonraker! Back from work and ready!
moonraker: Hmmm maybe a port thing then. I'll try agian later
JamesN: yes
moonraker: It's the 95.xx.xx.xx number then
JamesN: you need to the external 95.xx.xx.xx sounds right
JamesN: no, that'll be the internal
moonraker: Sorry a 192.xx.x.x
moonraker: Ok bud. All I can find is a 168.xx.x.x.number is that it ?
Banners88: Moonraker - I've got to head off to work but will be back 2000 ish and would love to get involved.
tjfrancis: it may be that his fire wall is not letting connexions though
JamesN: internal would usually be 192.x.x.x so its not that - port forwarding?
tjfrancis: are your ports are you open
moonraker: That's what it says when I click on what is my ip address
tjfrancis: my one starts with 86xx.xx.xx.xx and it works as external but it may be his ports are not open
JamesN: 95.xx.xx.xx should be external
Banners88: And I've got to got to work in 45 mins :(
tjfrancis: jamesN it is internal ip he posted no his external
Banners88: No good Moonraker?
JamesN: still nothing...
moonraker: Ok look in the forum it is listed as Saltley loader version 95/96 loader version test
moonraker: ok hold on a sec
Banners88: Me!
Banners88: Yup
moonraker: Saltley loader version with 1996 working TT avaialbe for an online test if anyone is interested
tjfrancis: i got a derby up if any one wants to join you can pm me
Banners88: Up
tjfrancis: me too but only into 10:45
DaveHarries: I will be up for joining a session.
AndyG: any sim, depends on others
Banners88: What do you fancy?
AndyG: around if needed
Banners88: Anyone about if i do abit of hosting?
DaveHarries: No further connections to KX please, except returning players. Session closing shortly.
DaveHarries: Connections are working.
DaveHarries: Details in forum.
DaveHarries: KX open for connections: short session.
chrisdmadd: No more wembley connex please closing v soon
AC6000: It's me.
chrisdmadd: whoever is connecting you may need to check ports and loader version
AC6000: Getting something sorted, be in there when I can.
chrisdmadd: ready
tjfrancis: wil do
chrisdmadd: ok ignore start time in post then haha
tjfrancis: nope
chrisdmadd: Theres no 04:45 start on this olympic TT though is there
tjfrancis: cool
chrisdmadd: sorting post now
AC6000: I can join in as well if you need another signaller.
tjfrancis: i prefer the olympic TT as it got more trains
chrisdmadd: do you not have a preference over olympic TT and the 2009 TT supplied?
chrisdmadd: well saying as though its only us at this time, ill say wembley
tjfrancis: timetables i do not mind as long it a good one and exetinging
chrisdmadd: best timetables for each? then ill decide
tjfrancis: i do not mind on kings cross or wembley
chrisdmadd: im going to start a host now, any preferences? i actually havent done KGX in ages. Also not played wembley mainline much
TimTamToe: Will try and not mention the cricket Andrew (Kaiwhara) :D oops too late lol
DaveHarries: Session on KX now closed. Thanks to TIMB, MJB and WSM for playing.
DaveHarries: No new conections to KX please: closing imminently
DaveHarries: KX to close at 2300hrs real time unless other players come in.
DaveHarries: KX now playing.
DaveHarries: KX open for connections NOW. Router problem fixed.
DaveHarries: KX open
TimB2010: OK. I'm in.
DaveHarries: ok give it a shot.
TimB2010: OK. Will try and connect again when you're ready.
DaveHarries: Finally got access. Will restart sim.
DaveHarries: Just waiting for the router control to give me access..
DaveHarries: AFAIK but I may not have opened it in the router settings.
DaveHarries: Watch this space: checking port settings.
TimB2010: Is that definitely the correct port?
DaveHarries: Damn. OK will see what I can do.
TimB2010: again*
TimB2010: Disconnected againg
TimB2010: It disconnected me. Trying again now.
DaveHarries: Not come up yet.
TimB2010: Am attempting connection. If it works, I can stay till 2230 BST
DaveHarries: .....
DaveHarries: OK taking connections: hope this works. Resumption of my KX TT from early February. Details in forum.
DaveHarries: Found it. Two secs.
TimB2010: :-)
DaveHarries: Searching....
DaveHarries: Will check elsewhere, or start a new run.
DaveHarries: Which I can't.
DaveHarries: If I can find the previously saved test run
TimB2010: Excellent.
DaveHarries: * hour
DaveHarries: Session likely to only be about an horr and a half.
DaveHarries: KX starting shortly.
WinsfordSaltMine: I'd be up for a KX in a hour
TimB2010: I'd join that too.
peterb: Aye i'll join in too
DaveHarries: May set one up shortly
jadamson2704: I'd be interested in a KX session
DaveHarries: Obviously not.
DaveHarries: Anyone interested in a KX session?
Steamer: They tend not to send one if it's approved, check the 'Newest Files' section from time to time to see if it has been approved
Steamer: You'll probably get a PM if it needs changing
WinsfordSaltMine: Will I get a notification to tell me if its uploaded or needs changing
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok Thanks
Steamer: Open the simulation and click Help>About
WinsfordSaltMine: Ok, where do I find Simulation version
Steamer: All uploads are given a quick check by the moderators to make sure you've not uploaded something naughty, so it might be a few days before it appears, depending on when one of them has time to check it.
Steamer: Hover over the 'Downloads' tab and click 'Submit a File'. Fill in the various boxes, and please make sure your file name conforms to the template provided (must contain Timetable Name, Simulation Name and Simulation version)
WinsfordSaltMine: How do I upload a timetable
bfcmik: :D
KymriskaDraken: BNS is donationware. Simply make a donation of thirty quid and it's yours :)
headshot119: Why do you need to ask that? Take a look in the session section, if nothing is there that is donationware the answer is no
DaveHarries: May join NS shortly
DazrahT: Still two panels left on New Street if anyone is around and interested
jimbolimbo9: ah I see now
Steamer: «link»
Steamer: All explained in the manaul :)
jimbolimbo9: has anyone checked ne wales lately? Theres been an update with some weird emergency alarms... Anyone know what they are??
arrivatw: afternoon all,
DaveHarries: I may be in slightly later than 2pm for the Wimbledon session but I WILL join after lunch.
tjfrancis: Exeter now clouded thanks to all who joined
tjfrancis: Exeter now full with 1 in q
tjfrancis: Exeter is still open with one panel left with no one in q
tjfrancis: 1 panel left
DaveHarries: Just going to get some dinner then I will join.
tjfrancis: Check your fire wall re try again if not reboot your router
arrivatw: it keeps disconnecting me, can anyone help please
tjfrancis: got no conxsion from you
arrivatw: am i on now
arrivatw: i have just updated it
tjfrancis: well you are joining and dropping so update your loader
arrivatw: i can't connect ?
tjfrancis: 2 panles are left
arrivatw: ok
tjfrancis: all the deatls are in froum
arrivatw: sorry, can i join please
tjfrancis: look in froum before asking
arrivatw: can we have your details please
tjfrancis: exeter now open
tjfrancis: exeter being started up now
DaveHarries: see posts below yours.
arrivatw: any sims open please
arrivatw: evening all
tjfrancis: but i may start erlayer than 20:40
tjfrancis: Exeter wll be up from 20:40 bst time
CGilmour: Would there likely be another Motherwell session any time soon?
tjfrancis: I wll be carrying on Exeter game from last night in the next 10 to 40 mints
jishmondo: thanks for the host
CGilmour: ok, thank you]#
Guts: Failing that Monday
Guts: Maybe late late tonight I'll continue.
Guts: All done for the day peeps.
Guts: 3more spots on Saltley
jishmondo: All connected thanks :D
Guts: PETE is on
Guts: Sorry IP has changed
AndyG: either firewall issue, or int IP changed on PF setup?
DazrahT: Lol
Guts: Damn it. 2secs
Mikehax: Might be up but its not accepting connections
DazrahT: Nope, still nothing this end
AndyG: still nogo
Guts: It's up
DazrahT: Cannot connect Guts
jishmondo: Same here from Derby
peterb: i got dcon guts
jishmondo: I was planning on hosting derby or saltley so deffo up for that
Guts: I've got Saltley/Derby and Aston up and running
peterb: Wouldn't mind joining one.
jishmondo: It depends what's going to be hosted for me
jishmondo: I am waiting for a host or considering hosting myself
Guts: If I don't hear anything back by 15:15, I'll assume no.
Guts: Anyone waiting for a host??
markodonat: would anybody host a station?
tjfrancis: exeter now closed thanks to all who joined in the madness
tjfrancis: ok thanks for joining then
svrdan: tjfrancis, sorry, had to restart laptop. Wont be rejoining, give a chance for someone in the que to have a go lol. Thanks for the game
tjfrancis: sim now full with no q
tjfrancis: credtion is left
tjfrancis: 2 panles left on sim
tjfrancis: exeter now up
tjfrancis: posting up now
tjfrancis: give me 2 mints then i wll bring post up
Temple Meads: I am
tjfrancis: ok any one elise up
DaveHarries: I will be up for something but will work on my new TT meanhile.
tjfrancis: any one up for a host or a sim payware or freeware
qwertyasdfg: <u>h</u>
Trainmad091: Banners88 sent you a PM
Trainmad091: Banners88 , do you have skype?
Trainmad091: anyone for a private derby+saltley chain? PM me :)
WinsfordSaltMine: If I could work out my ports I Would host lol, but I cant
mackeral1234: anything tonigt
belly buster: Motherwell closed
arrivatw: i can't join in sorry
belly buster: yes Motherwell is a pay sim
arrivatw: you got to pay for motherwell ??
belly buster: Motherwell open «link»
arrivatw: what is that ?
ajax103: I've got a idea for tonight...
DaveHarries: Would hope so.
arrivatw: evening all, any sim's tonight please
GeoffM: Salisbury, Leamington, and Shrewsbury now all at V1.1 and available through "Check for updates" in the Loader.
WinsfordSaltMine: Any sessions on tonight?
Roadrunner: Stafford has closed. Managed to fit everyone on after the stampede leaving KX ! See you all next time.
Roadrunner: Stafford closing soon.
Roadrunner: Stafford is still running, Dave. You are welcome to join.
DaveHarries: Reinstalling Stafford as it is not on my Loader list. 2mins.
DaveHarries: If Stafford is going I might join.
Banners88: Great host KEVM brilliant stuff.
Roadrunner: Arabian-I am devastated. See you next time.
arabianights: KX is now over but I not got time for Stafford (or anything else) tonight...
KymriskaDraken: KX closed now. Time for bed!
Roadrunner: Hello KD. Have fun over there. I didn't realise KX was still running.
KymriskaDraken: They are all being tied in knots at KX :)
Roadrunner: Is there life in SimSig land? Apparently not!
Roadrunner: Anyone for Stafford continuation? Two Signal-person-types required.
JamesN: bit late but on my way in now
jimgos2005: cant see full text reminders were put on all but onew sig in the area in real life this would be done by either CSR or by telephone call from TOC
KymriskaDraken: I gave you an emergency message three times and you did not respond.
jimgos2005: bit rude to do that without an explanation we are all human havent pled mp fora longtime
jimgos2005: thanks I enjoyed playing no need to disconnect me
jimgos2005: sorry that was me
KymriskaDraken: Just refused a connection as the client didn't have a name
jimgos2005: I tried to join kx but the server diliberately disconnected me no wonder you havent got enough people to join
KymriskaDraken: Still a bit short-staffed on KX!
JamesN: I'll join for an hour or two then then
KymriskaDraken: Very probably
JamesN: An hour from now being ~1715BST
JamesN: Plan to still be going in ~1hr Kev?
KymriskaDraken: So far on this shift PC McGary (number 452) has arrested a train Driver for being drunk on duty, and Windy Miller dropped his flour sacks on the line at Baldock. Not to mention flooding and the juice being off on the main line out of Kings Cross.
KymriskaDraken: Although I didn't see any connect/disconnect messages
KymriskaDraken: Maybe you need to do an update
AC6000: Well, if I can connect.
AC6000: I can cover for an hour or two.
KymriskaDraken: Need another Signalman for KX soon!
KymriskaDraken: We need a few more Signalmen for Kings Cross. Don't be shy!
KymriskaDraken: And we're rolling. Let the mayhem commence
KymriskaDraken: Plenty of space on KX.
KymriskaDraken: KX open for connections.
KymriskaDraken: Hosting notice posted for KX. Start at 1200 BST
TimB2010: I'm around for that, KymriskaDraken
KymriskaDraken: Putting the hosting post together for a continuation of yesterday's Kings Cross session.
WinsfordSaltMine: The length for a Class 221 Inst on length calculator
CTCThiago: Excellent host
KymriskaDraken: KX closing soon. No news connections please. The mayhem will continue tomorrow
KymriskaDraken: You're welcome.
WinsfordSaltMine: having connection troules
WinsfordSaltMine: One min click wrong butto
whitetigger: Thanks for the mayhem Kev!
KymriskaDraken: KX still going strong, and it's a session with a difference!
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross open for connections
KymriskaDraken: Ah
tjfrancis: it was the 1998 tt i was thinking of
KymriskaDraken: There are 1370 trains so that should be enough ;)
KymriskaDraken: I wasn't aware that there were any add-ons, so I suspect that the answer is "no" :)
tjfrancis: is the 1977 the one with all the add ones or not
DaveHarries: Cheers
CTCThiago: thx
KymriskaDraken: Kings Cross at 1700BST. Details in the forum.
tjfrancis: i not but i can host
DaveHarries: No sessions this afternoon I see: guess you are all out enjoying the sunshine.
Guts: Sorry for the abrupt end. Family stuff.
Roadrunner: Stafford has closed. Thanks to those who took part. See you next time.
Guts: andG and MJB in and ready
Guts: All up and ready. 4.4.3
Banners88: Still getting disconnected?
Guts: Let me update 2secs
Banners88: No good Guts... :( .
Banners88: Im on 4.4.3. Do i need to do anything?
Guts: 4.4.2
Guts: Sorry. I'm on 4.4. Latest update. I'll put it in the link page
Banners88: Same again for Saltley
Guts: Apologies. Derby should be working now
Banners88: Getting a check for update message GUTS?
Roadrunner: Stafford is open for connections.
tjfrancis: got discon from derby
arabianights: (stafford, obv, not s/d/a)
arabianights: I will be there from about 21:45
Guts: Saltley, Derby and Aston up
Roadrunner: Get ready while I type the hosting notice.
Roadrunner: We might be in business.
arabianights: do you have a save game?
Roadrunner: I now have a port. Do I have a timetable?
arabianights: and await the fun hack bots
arabianights: use 23
arabianights: much better idea
arabianights: actually
arabianights: or
arabianights: heck use 456
arabianights: no need to use these silly high ports
arabianights: be a rebel
arabianights: use 1234
Roadrunner: I have Stafford, but must find a port number.
Roadrunner: Goodbye, cruel world!
arabianights: besides I have to reheat my smoked sausage supper and also do something I will not relate in shout box, therefore the game can start quicker if I am only a player...
tjfrancis: it depends on whart area roadrunner
arabianights: when the other two chaps talking are both experienced hosts I am quite happy to be lazy :)
Roadrunner: Thanks, Tony. Free sims good, payware bad.
Roadrunner: Don't you need some hosting practice, Arabian? You might be getting rusty.

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