27 - 11 - 2015

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Guts: Done for the night Guys. Knackered
BarryM: AndyG Guts has decided to continue
arabianights: WH is closed now
Guts: SwinDid, Bristol and Gloucester up
Entimix: Sadly I don't have WH
arabianights: sim is intense so assistance would be lovely :)
arabianights: panel is about to come free on WH
Tomiexpress: pm send
Guts: Send me your IP as well please
Guts: I sent a new email. did you get it??
Tomiexpress: im ready now
Guts: Message sent Tomi
arabianights: (and it is restarted)
arabianights: WH will restart in 2
Tomiexpress: Guts, nothing incoming yet
HST125Scorton: Any other hosts tonight?
Tomiexpress: reply send
Tomiexpress: ok
Guts: Two sec Tomi
Tomiexpress: Guts, give me save of Swin and ip then ill try connect to U :)
arabianights: West Hampstead closed for 90 minutes, 1 in queue at that time, I expect it to reopen with 1 panel free
Guts: I've got the saved files that I can send to anyone who wants to host and connect to me.
Guts: I don't even mind someone hosting one of the other and connecting to mine
Guts: I was thinking of 3 types

WH and VSE


Guts: Anyone want a big Chain?
arabianights: WH open for connections: «link»
jeffh16: looking for someone to play brighton with as a 2p sim, message me for details (you'll be working the haywards heath end)
arabianights: closed w.h.
arabianights: panel free on WH
arabianights: west hampstead game open for connections
jeffh16: Birmingham closing at 2200
class_456_rocks: Good evening everyone :)
TheBVE2010: WAIT a second! Matt Peddlesden's here!!!
TheBVE2010: Anyone fancy a bit of Exeter?
headshot119: And if you don't yet own New Street why not buy it and get 15% off «link»
jeffh16: just setting up a New Street host, details in forum shortly
HST125Scorton: Just bought Motherwell :P
GeoffM: Thanksgiving Day sale now on! «link»
TheBVE2010: Thanks for the host Jeff. Night all!
HST125Scorton: Any other hosts tonight?
jeffh16: Victoria Host continuation «link»
KymriskaDraken: WH closing soon - no new connections please
KymriskaDraken: Need two more Signalmaen for WH
KymriskaDraken: WH open for connections
KymriskaDraken: West Hampstead continuation in just over an hour. Details in forum.
TheBVE2010: Hi everyone!
Gonzo75: anyone still around and up for an hour of KX... until 0130 perhaps?
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford Closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford Shutting in 15 misn
Giantray: Nice Host from Jeff. Best do a busy panel like that during the day though, working a morning peak this time of night is gruelling.
WinsfordSaltMine: still plenty of room left on Stafford
HST125Scorton: I'm coming along if I can get in lol
WinsfordSaltMine: All panels still free on Stafford
WinsfordSaltMine: Stafford OPen
RainbowNines: Wow. Monster session - props to Jeff!
arabianights: no but just pointing out victoria is still open and Jeff saying keeping open for 11-12ish
Jamesh1492: Any donationwear sims tonight?
jeffh16: Victoria host starting at 1800 «link»
Bof: Thank's GeoffM for the link.
GeoffM: Note that it's unsupported but many people get on ok with it.
GeoffM: Bof - «link»
Bof: Does anybody know how to run SimSig using Crossover on a mac.
Entimix: Essentially, either wait for someone to host a game, or dive in and host one yourself :)
paulb82: hey, rather new to this. looking to take part in a multiplayer, gone through documentation, but, how do i get started in one?
JamesN: New Street Disconn?
belly buster: New St closing - no more connections.
belly buster: Saltley closed. New St open - panels full.
belly buster: Panels free on New St (see Saltley post)
belly buster: Saltley open «link»
belly buster: Will open a Saltley shortly.
arrivatw: i am back now
DazrahT: Ah, wondered by I couldn't connect!
tjfrancis: sim cloused due to no conexsions
tjfrancis: no conexions as of yet on sim
arrivatw: i will be back in an hr
tjfrancis: kings cross is open
tjfrancis: I can host in around 30 mins
arrivatw: afternoon all,
any free were sim's today
NewBuildmini432: Closed due to nobody joining
NewBuildmini432: Host: NEWB
NewBuildmini432: Check forum
NewBuildmini432: Launched a simulation
NewBuildmini432: Can anyone launch a server for me to play, any donationware
Morsey: deets in forum
RainbowNines: More than a few sheets to the wind now but would drop in for a bit!
Ben86: I'd be up for Trent for a while
Morsey: Enough people around to carry on trent?
Roadrunner: KX has closed. Thanks to all who took part.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: Yes, Rainbow. Join if you are free.
RainbowNines: KX still going Roadrunner?
Roadrunner: Come back if you can, TJF.
tjfrancis: got discon from cross
arabianights: connections open again to WH anyway, currently 1 in the queue
arabianights: you know me too well!
Roadrunner: Must be time to walk the dog! Yo, Arabian.
arabianights: West Hampstead is going on a 20 minute break, connections until 20:50 will just sit there until I am back
Roadrunner: KX session has started.
Roadrunner: Cross panel taken - room available.
Roadrunner: Hello Finger - yes, but we can add some closures to spice it up.
Finger: Another host of 1985 timetable from 0600?
Roadrunner: Cross panel still available.
Roadrunner: LOG-in NOW to join the KX session. First time players are welcome.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
Roadrunner: King's Cross (1985 timetable) opening soon.
arabianights: West Hampstead open for connections: «link»
Gonzo75: I'm going to load up a KX session. Check the forum shortly, hopefully start at 12pm UK time
arabianights: success
Morsey: Just updated it, didnt realise there was one sorry
Morsey: Try connecting to derby now
arabianights: don't get anything
arabianights: I can't connect either
Morsey: Does it throw up the check for updates error?
mackeral1234: Morsey - ive updated and can not play
Morsey: Running Derby for a bit, deets in forum
lama77: KX closed now.
lama77: KX open for connections
headshot119: You'll get more attendance if you post it on the forum!
Banners88: 50505
arabianights: I would join new st
Banners88: Anyone?
Banners88: Right back for New St now if anyone is still interested.
GeoffM: LTS as well now.
Andrew G: Noted - I just checked and I did get Derby as well
GeoffM: I was updating it, realised that version had already been released, got distracted by the cat bringing a live bird into the house, and by the time I dealt with that I forgot what I was doing!
GeoffM: Oops - not Coventry, sorry.
DaveHarries: Same here, Andrew.
Andrew G: I didn't get a Coventry one - Rugby x2 & West Hampstead
GeoffM: Updates to Coventry, Derby, Rugby Centre, and Rugby South are available. Click "Check for updates" in the Loader.
DaveHarries: Just tried to get in to New Street: got d/c
Entimix: As a side-note, I recommend posting if you're running a session, even if it's a more ad-hoc one :)
Banners88: ok.
Giantray: new street sounds fun, not done it in a while
Banners88: Saltley?
Banners88: New St?
Banners88: Carlisie?
Giantray: can be
Banners88: Any around for another little afternoon session?
Tomiexpress: closed, working
Tomiexpress: derby still open for quick test, this a continuation of issue yesterday
Tomiexpress: pls reconnect , new settings assigned
Tomiexpress: Thank you Barry..
BarryM: Not connecting!
Tomiexpress: hello, i`ll port check at primary router, Derby loader ip :50505 , pls someone try connect
Tomiexpress: nobody*
Tomiexpress: hmm,,, no one here, ill try later
Tomiexpress: im back
Tomiexpress: afk a whaile
Tomiexpress: it still open if any wish connect for quick test
Tomiexpress: hello, port check at primary router, Derby loader ip :50505 , pls try connect
NewBuildmini432: wtf
NewBuildmini432: DONATIONWARE
NewBuildmini432: anybody wants to start a server? I can connect toSouth Humberside, every shareware sim.
Tomiexpress: thx working :)
Tomiexpress: or some else
Tomiexpress: arabian, pls chek again a secondary router, derby loader ip :50505
arabianights: I would join not in position to host
WinsfordSaltMine: Anyone else hosting?
lama77: Still a few panels left @ KX.
lama77: An hour of two of KX open now for connections.
Tomiexpress: ok thx...
jimbolimbo9: Still wont connect
Tomiexpress: try again pls
jimbolimbo9: 00:00:01 Attempting connection to server - please wait...
00:00:07 Server has disconnected you
00:00:07 Client at has disconnected
jimbolimbo9: connecting
Tomiexpress: router*
Tomiexpress: jimbo try for quick roter test derby loader, ip : 50505
jimbolimbo9: Anybody hosting tonight?
arabianights: if you just want to host and are not fussed about hosting on your pc specifically, I can pm you password to the server: «link»
Tomiexpress: ok thx
arabianights: nope
Tomiexpress: arabian, ill add a except in win fire wall (xp) maby now working
arabianights: is the port open on your pc as well
Tomiexpress: i have issue with pentagram router... all is set, rbotinig and not working... wrrr...
arabianights: not working for me either
Tomiexpress: thx
Steamer: Still not working. You'll need to ask someone else if you want to try again, I'm busy at the moment, sorry.
Tomiexpress: :50505
Tomiexpress: ip and port the same
Tomiexpress: Steamer ,pls try reconnect ,
Tomiexpress: oki, thx try another setting
Steamer: Not working
Tomiexpress: thx :)
Tomiexpress: oh, 50505
Steamer: You need to tell us the port before anyone can test your port forwarding ;)
Tomiexpress: pls anyone to try connect.. quick test
Tomiexpress: hello, pls someone to test my port forwarding, at derby loader ip
Entimix: (do have Carlisle though, or others)
Banners88: Ok not to worry.
Entimix: don't have new st though
Entimix: I'd be up for something
Banners88: Or a Carlisie?
Banners88: Anyone about for a quick New St?
GeoffM: Try deallocating and reallocating.
mackeral1234: Thanks to which ever person unlock me..... came up stating that it was already allocated to my machine. unli
mackeral1234: played the paid sims since Ive upgrade to W10
LucasLCC: Windows 10 update perhaps?
mackeral1234: How come all my access to my brought sims now say allocated to another machine...
Gonzo75: I'm just setting up a KX session, details in forum soon...
Sacro: Evening manadude2!
manadude2: Long time no see!
manadude2: /me pops up
TheBVE2010: Sacro is right. If it was a UK map, then it would include Northern Ireland.
Sacro: Steamer - your map is missing the whole of Northern Ireland
DaveHarries: I will be in for Victoria ASC after dinner.
DaveHarries: In view of Steamer's link it looks as if some good stuff is coming up.
jc92: sorry Jeff. my internets having none of that tonight
jeffh16: Victoria Host «link»
Steamer: Map of entire UK showing areas simulated: «link»
grahame1951: thank you steamer
Steamer: Signal number plans here: «link»
Steamer: Variety of geographical/schematic maps here: «link»
grahame1951: hi is there a map/plan of the sections anywhere? thanks
arrivatw: evening all,
could we have a WESTERN Chain again soon please, i missed it last night
marquel41494: I wondered what happenned
marquel41494: Aww
WinsfordSaltMine: WESTERN Chain closed
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry guys Westbury Crashed, Closing and trying again next week, I'm So sorry :(
WinsfordSaltMine: People are leaving on Brisrol soon
JamesN: and I guess there's a Q on other sims...
WinsfordSaltMine: Game wasn't saved, Glocuester out of session
WinsfordSaltMine: It crashed after JAH try to connect 3 times
JamesN: disconn from GCR?
WinsfordSaltMine: Problem it wasn't saved
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry Guys we lost Glocuester
WinsfordSaltMine: Sorry MJD, don't whats wrong
grahame1951: thanks peter will have a look
Peter Bennet: Grahame, Have you read through the guidance here «link» under Installing Simsig. It'll probably be quicker than trying to explain in the shout box.
Forest Pines: grahame1951 You need to download the "System Files" installer and then the individual simulation installers
MJD: All full see mesage now LOL..
MJD: Rejected twice on Gloucester!
WinsfordSaltMine: ALL SIMS FULL
grahame1951: how do i run this program i have registered and down loaded the installer but it does not seem to work?
WinsfordSaltMine: SwinDid - Full,
WinsfordSaltMine: Deatails in forum
jimbolimbo9: Oooo that sounds fun
WinsfordSaltMine: Western Region Chain OPen
WinsfordSaltMine: I'm hosting at 2030 ATW
arrivatw: anyone hosting
marquel41494: Hello Arriva
arrivatw: evening all
marquel41494: Hello Everyone :)
Trainzy: ok... no worries
Koyren: No worries
WinsfordSaltMine: Guys, We are back to a 2030 start, sorry for confusion :)
TheBVE2010: Thanks RB9S but I wont be online for a while as I need to help look after my nephew. Sorry about the all inconvenience, and from now on, I wont be posting my session details so early.
RainbowNines: TBVE I think it also proves a point about planning so far in advance - playing SimSig isn't THAT high up life's list of priorities - it's inevitable that sometimes you'll have to cancel.

Anyway, hope to see you back on the hosting circuit this eve.
headshot119: How can you judge the interest when you never opened? (you can't)

It would just be nice if you could edit posts or at least post something on the forum to say it wouldn't be going ahead
TheBVE2010: And there wasn't much interest in it anyway, so there was no point in hosting a session that no one's going to join.
TheBVE2010: It's not that much of a problem guys. I only cancelled it because my sister had a baby and I had to help look after him.
Morsey: Derby closed.
DaveHarries: I would love a look at it as well please Jim,bo.
Morsey: Derby open for connections
Roadrunner: Would love to see it - send me a copy by email.
jimbolimbo9: Yay mockup of Oxford PSB finished :D
jeffh16: sorry, «link»
jeffh16: wcml south host v
Roadrunner: @headshot119 - see PM (not related to discussion below)
pedroathome: I agree with both Peter and Headshot here, On a side note, posting far in advance and then canceling may well turn people away from considering future sessions advertised like this thinking that the same may happen again
headshot119: Peter could you just delete that thread? I don't think he'll be able to edit the opening post as it's been too long
Peter Bennet: BVE: It'd be helpful if you updated your announcement on the Forum.
JamesN: There's a surprise...
headshot119: It's a bit annoying that you post hosts 6 days in advance, only to cancel it a couple of hours before you put it up.

Try not to post a host up unless you commit to doing it. A lot of people subscribe by email so won't see your shoutbox messages until it's too late
TheBVE2010: South Humbs cancelled!
belly buster: Saltley closing
belly buster: Saltley full no queue. Will be running til about 01:20
belly buster: Scratch Derby, sim is now Saltley «link»
belly buster: Derby open «link»
belly buster: I'll run Derby for an hour or so
Ben86: Thanks LAMA
HST125Scorton: ok Lama, Thanks for the host anyway
lama77: All KX players, my whole application crashed on me! I'll not restart the host since I anyway planned for just another short while. Sorry all for that, let's see what save I have for next time.
HST125Scorton: KX disconneted
Steamer: > Seahawk, When you start a simulation, you just need to select a timetable during start-up. It sounds like you've managed to import the timetable twice.
lama77: Ok GONZ, I'll run my KX host for an hour and a bit more.
Steamer: Have you started a simulation, then opened a timetable?
seahawk: Im getting the same train twice. Why?
seahawk: Got Westbury up and running. Right got a train 2C90 but I got 2 2C90 though. Something wrong?
Gonzo75: No luck I'm afraid. Router says port is open but its refusing access.
Gonzo75: no problem is my end, will take me 5 mins at least unless someone else wants to host... meanwhile I'll go try and open them
mackeral1234: thought my new superhub was laying up and wouldnt connect
Gonzo75: darn, my ports arent open.
jeffh16: unable to connect gonzo
Gonzo75: details up
Gonzo75: OK I'll set it up give me a few mins
lama77: The same here actually, a good KX save but I gladly play a bit of KX with someone else hosting.
jeffh16: I could be interested for about an hour :)
Gonzo75: I only have a saved KX game otherwise.
Gonzo75: You fancy hosting lama?
lama77: Yeah I can be up for an hour of MP or so too.
Gonzo75: I could host for an hour or so
mackeral1234: ANY hosting this evening
Gonzo75: sounds like you have downloaded a timetable? Do you have Simsig loader installed?
seahawk: Hello.
Right I have installed the Simsig and I have download a Westbury game.
The Westbury game is in my download area on my laptop but when I open it, it comes up as "How do you like to open this file (.WTT?) Look for an app in the store"
When I go into Simsig, it says "Welcome to Simsig. What would you like to do?" But when I go into the thing the Westbury game isn't there.
So how do I transfer the Westbury game on to the Welcome to Simsig bit for me to play the game??
It is really confusing somehow.
Thank you.
DaveHarries: If so I can be back on in about an hour and a half.

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