31 - 03 - 2015

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belly buster: NS / Saltley full 1 in queue
Steamer: No, it'll be Stratford panel on the Saltely simulation
madboy316: you mean stafford ?
belly buster: New St / Saltley - only Stratford free right now
belly buster: i see someone trying to connect - make sure you are all updated and using the loader version
y10g9: In now.
belly buster: Ok correct IP is now up
belly buster: 1 min IP is wrong
y10g9: have you got anyone else in game bust?
belly buster: :(
y10g9: Thats to either sim
y10g9: Not able to connect
belly buster: New St / Saltley open «link»
jimbolimbo9: Hello edward! :P
edwardzzzz9: missed it.
jishmondo: Derby is now closed, thank you to all those who joined :D
jishmondo: Derby closing in 20 mins. No more connections please
jishmondo: there's a little guide on the wiki
jishmondo: You need the Sim and just need to look at port forwarding your router
arrivatw: what do i need to host a sim ??
do i just need the sim
arrivatw: thank you
Banners88: They are in the forum post below ArrivaTW
arrivatw: have you got the details please
Banners88: On behalf of Jishmondo you are more than welcome.
arrivatw: can i join please and watch
jishmondo: FYI Derby is currently full
derbybest: Trying to join keep getting disscon
jishmondo: No problem, do bare in mind though that I am expecting this to be a short host, might be looking at 1-2 hours long
arrivatw: be back on in an hr if that is ok, i can join you then
jishmondo: I am currently hosting Derby, accepting connections from 17:05 details in the forum :)
jishmondo: Looking at hosting Derby atm, setting up for my new network atm
edwardzzzz9: Not yet I believe
arrivatw: afternoon all, any sim's live ??
TimTamToe: April 2012 Vic C&E 04:45 start versions will be ready for uploading in the next day or so :)
arabianights: exeter closed
BlackWolf: anybody on exeter session copy?
BlackWolf: on exeter
BlackWolf: Lost my connection
Steamer: (It's a WTT by the way, not a new sim era or anything like that)
Steamer: Err... isn't my last message a bit of a giveaway???
Banners88: *Steamer?
Banners88: What do you have in store for us Steame?
Steamer: New Street 2015 testing complete :)
Steamer: You won't be able to connect if you're running a different version to Arabian
Jamesh1492: that could be the problem ive just seen the update
Jamesh1492: it comes up with server has disconnected you
Steamer: Jamesh1492, are you running Loader V4.4?
arabianights: I have no software firewall running
arabianights: it could also be something on my system in theory I suppose, I will just disable my software firewall
arabianights: tbh I've no idea what could be causing that, try telnetting to me and see if you get a response back or if it just terminates
arabianights: I seen you do it again as well
Jamesh1492: ive never had to do that before
arabianights: just turn off all your security software I guess
arabianights: an IP very briefly connected and disconnected a couple of times then I guess that's you?
Jamesh1492: my pc wont allow me to join Exeter
arrivatw: thank you
arabianights: hi ATW that exeter session from yesterday is continuing: «link»
arrivatw: evening all
WayneEaton: I appreciate the information. I will do some research into the wiki. Always wanted to get a job working for the railway so hoping a little extra knowledge will stand me in good stead. :)
BlackWolf: mabye you will join a session? Arabian have one now, detail in forum. I a nice a good program. Hours and years of fun
arabianights: more or less saying what you've just said and inviting them to PM you
arabianights: you might be well served by making a thread
BlackWolf: wiki is a nice thing to use. I have never used it, But im a railwayman
arabianights: there are some real signallers on here as well
WayneEaton: trainee signalman job and was recommended to learn this
WayneEaton: THank you for the information. Im currently applying for a trr
arabianights: Wiki would definitely be the place to start
BoxBoyKit: Royston and the Wiki, and if in doubt the help of the forum members :)
WayneEaton: Is there a learners program?
BlackWolf: «link»
BlackWolf: We need more people in Exeter
BlackWolf: A Train dispatcher simulation
arabianights: it is the site of a signalling simulation game
WayneEaton: So, im new to this site. is this just maps o a simulation game?
arabianights: Exeter open: «link»
arabianights: ok that was 20 so I will do something
arabianights: continuation of exeter game yesterday, most likely
arabianights: Banners if no response in next ten minutes I will put something up
arabianights: what's that... here I stand, I can no other?
arabianights: a full statement eh
DaveHarries: Nice idea Banners but there is no post in the forum.
Banners88: Still here if people are getting home from work.
Banners88: If there is interest i will put a full statement on the forum
Banners88: Got a little Saltley going if anyone would care to join me?
arabianights: exeter now shut
arabianights: no more connections to exeter until 10:35ish please as host is away from computer, however game is still running
DaveHarries: Exeter still open? Trying to connect to it.
arabianights: press F10
arrivatw: how do i write in the message box in a sim
arrivatw: ok i will check for updates
arabianights: erm, no you're not
arrivatw: i am in now
arabianights: I seen someone very briefly (<1 sec) connect just there
arabianights: have you checked for updates?
arrivatw: it has disconnected me ?
arabianights: fill in the details in the thread
arrivatw: i will try it now
arrivatw: ok
arabianights: when you startup simsig it pretty much straight away asks if you want to join a multiplayer game
arabianights: Exeter open for connections: «link»
arrivatw: can you remind me on how to get in to a host game please
arrivatw: yip got exeter
arrivatw: sorry can't buy anything, exeter is ok i think
arabianights: I think I'll host exeter
arabianights: yes but you will have to buy it to play it
arrivatw: is it in the downloads ?
arabianights: dunno yet, I'd do motherwell if anyone else has it?
arrivatw: what you going to host
arabianights: certainly
arrivatw: can i join in please
arabianights: actually I can't be bothered to do thatwill just host
arabianights: after complaining about the chatbox saying that eveyrhting is an hour ago
arabianights: meanwhile I will host something now
arabianights: ok
Banners88: Never mind. I'll host something when I get home later around 2100.
Banners88: Weird. I even scrolled down and saw it up.
DaveHarries: Not there at all.
DaveHarries: No it isn't.
Banners88: I posted in the forum about 45 mins ago. Now I refresh my page again the post isn't there?
Banners88: That is very odd.
arabianights: I also cannot work out where the details to Banners88's game is which would explain why apparently no one has joined it
arrivatw: saltley ??
derby ??
Banners88: All panels available right now!
Banners88: Details in the forum below.
arrivatw: can i join in please
Banners88: Saltley session up.
arrivatw: any sim's open ??
arrivatw: afternoon all
Trainfan344: Not a clue.
DaveHarries: Any hosting this afternoon?
Roadrunner: Trent has closed. Thanks to all who took part.
Roadrunner: Welcome to British Summer Time. GMT +1. Seven months of summer time for two days of summer!
Aurora: That is the version I have.
Roadrunner: Auro-Trent version 3.8121. Port number is 50509
Roadrunner: Trent open for connections.
Roadrunner: Trent starting soon.
Roadrunner: I don't have any of those pesky payware.
madboy316: I fancy Birmigham or wolverhampton/stafford
Roadrunner: Will probably be Trent actually.
Roadrunner: Hello, mad, bad boy.
madboy316: Roadrunner do whatever you feel like doing il defo join
Roadrunner: Perhaps, Trent?
Roadrunner: Hello, fellow SimSiggers. Anyone for Saltley?
tjfrancis: derby is now cloused
Steamer: Have you read and followed the installation guide? «link»
arrivatw: how can i get it to work,
tjfrancis: nope
arrivatw: are you on facebook ?
tjfrancis: floder opsions
arrivatw: how do i do that
tjfrancis: have you pointed the loader to the sims floder
arrivatw: nope
tjfrancis: are any sims comeing up
arrivatw: yip
tjfrancis: is your loader 4.4
arrivatw: i am very sorry but i can't join in tonight, i load the loader but nothing in the boxes and i don't know why, if anyone can help please
arrivatw: i got a prob finding the simsig folder
tjfrancis: derby is runing with all but 1 panle free
tjfrancis: yeb it up
arrivatw: Derby PSB ??
tjfrancis: derby is up
arrivatw: *ok
arrivatw: okj
tjfrancis: post comeing up in the next 3 mits or so
arrivatw: i have just downloaded most of them again, so going to get derby working so i can join later
arrivatw: ok thank you
tjfrancis: yes post wll be up shourty
arrivatw: can i join in please
tjfrancis: derby comeing up shourty
arrivatw: or tomorrow night
arrivatw: any new games tonight
DaveHarries: Sorry you didn't get on TF. It conenected, then d/c immediately.
DaveHarries: Kings Cross closing in 13 minutes. No more connections please.
arrivatw: evening all
Trainfan344: Attempting connection
DaveHarries: May nee help to fix things if it won't wire.
DaveHarries: Right. Try and wire up.
DaveHarries: Details in forum shortly.
DaveHarries: Right. I hope this works.
DaveHarries: Now it wants me to reset my hub's password. Will get this running ASAP.
DaveHarries: yes
Trainfan344: Is this the timetable you kept asking for help with over on RailUK Forums?
DaveHarries: The TT is one I wrote to take account of all of that and is based on a real WTT for 01st February.
DaveHarries: Welwyn to Hitchin reopens 0810 sim time
DaveHarries: Yes. Shuttles Finsbury to Welwyn / Hertford North and Letchworth - Cambridge
Trainfan344: Is there anywhere to run trains inbetween those works?
DaveHarries: Don't worry: it will happen. Rather a lot of works to set up! Welwyn / Hertford North to Hitchin, Hitchin to Peterborough & Finsbury to Kings Cross. THere are trains despite all that though!
DaveHarries: Just setting up engineering works.
Banners88: OK, ready and willing.
DaveHarries: But it WILL be quiet, until about 0815 sim time, in terms of trans. However there will be some!
DaveHarries: Watch this space
DaveHarries: >Banners: I think that relates to last night's game. I will set up a short KX session.
Banners88: Just tried to connect Arabian but no luck?
Morsey: Yeah why not if youre still around
DaveHarries: Anyone likely to be up for a quiet KX session? Various engineering works mean that not more than 3 players would suffice for the session. If there is interest I will set up.
arabianights: «link»
arabianights: I will accept connections to the derby game here which will pick up from where it was if someone joins
Sacro: Swingable overlaps
Frankley Junction: What is the significance of the 03 and 04 purple at Landor St Jct on Saltley?
arabianights: but I would rather someone else does
arabianights: yes I am assuming there will be a game started by someone in next 20 minutes but if not I might host something
Frankley Junction: Anyone else need more multi right now?
JamesN: Thanks to all who joined, too many to list I'm afraid but a great session. Will look at continuing tomorrow
JamesN: WM Closed
JamesN: WM chain clsing at 0700 sim, (10 mins)
JamesN: WM Super chain still running. Space on Aston, New Street (North), Stafford and Derby can relinquish panels if req aswell
Trainfan344: Now connecting to Saltley as MH.
JamesN: touché =P
Trainfan344: Your forum post states to join Saltley for allocation
JamesN: Saltley is full I'm afraid, space on New Street, Stafford and Derby
Trainfan344: Will be joining the WM Chain once Saltley is installed.
JamesN: running, plenty of space
DaveHarries: Back on WM chain after dinner.
DaveHarries: Will join in a bit for the WM chain.
Ben86: Apologies, I'm struggling to join- need to download one of the new updates I think
JamesN: 21 workstations remain
JamesN: WM Super Chain being hosted, 23 workstations up for grabs
JamesN: Details in forum
Banners88: Spot on Derby #1 open.
tjfrancis: i be up for that as well james N
arabianights: I would be interested later yup
Ben86: I'd certainly be interested.
JamesN: (2030 GMT, please adjust for your own local time)
JamesN: aiming for a 2030 start
JamesN: But would be full CY/NS/SY/WN/AS/DY/SD
Banners88: I would be!
JamesN: Would anyone be interested in a West Midlands chain? I'd be happy to tag Derby on the end for those that are enjoying playing that
Banners88: Spot on.
arabianights: and no worries.... I have curry for every lunch :)
arabianights: ok we will have this parralel game going then as I think there'll easily be enough people for two games
DaveHarries: oh.
Banners88: Back now but we are full at the moment.
Banners88: Curry as its Friday!
Banners88: Sorry chaps I was having dinner
arabianights: ok - Derby with actual connections allowed open: «link»
DaveHarries: no nothing
DaveHarries: wilco
arabianights: Dave can you have one more go at connecting to the current one while I am setting this up
DaveHarries: lol
arabianights: decisions, deceisions...
arabianights: or Platform 6 & Goods line under posession
arabianights: Platform 3B & 4B under possesion
arabianights: Plaform 1B & 2B under posession
arabianights: hmm so the scenarios I have to choose from
DaveHarries: oh.
DaveHarries: I give up. Over to you.
arabianights: it is consistent with banners not noticing people trying to connect, which is understandable because I do that all the time too
arabianights: me too
DaveHarries: It says it is attempting to connect but doesn't actuaklly manage to.
DaveHarries: Well I am finding I can't connect
arabianights: dunno, if not then I will do it
DaveHarries: Is Derby happening?!
DaveHarries: Trying to conect to Derby but getting nowhere.
Banners88: First come first serve
Banners88: Derby up
Temple Meads: I'm up for a Derby game later this evening!
Trainfan344: I'm at 04:29.
Banners88: Having a first play through now so only made it to 0100 hours!
Banners88: I could
Banners88: Hmm
DaveHarries: If someone did I would probably join, particularly if it was Derby.....
Trainfan344: Anyone hosting today?
CTCThiago: Who's trying to connect, please update the loader to version 4.4
CTCThiago: Check on session details, KX Open.
CTCThiago: KX 1985 TT Multiplayer in 5 minutes time
tjfrancis: host now cloused
tjfrancis: the one who just tryed to join can you put your name in the user name box
DanC: If it's just us TJ what dya fancy doing?
tjfrancis: sims are up
DanC: Yeah I'll go for that
tjfrancis: saltey/derby link if they enouth
DanC: What sim are you up for tj?
tjfrancis: any one elise for a sim
DanC: Really?...I manage trent on my own :P
tjfrancis: well if trent is going for but we wll need loads of signlers
DanC: Im in the mood for trent if Im honest...haven't played it in an AGE
tjfrancis: i can set up a sim of any free sim or any midlands ones free or paywhare
DanC: Anyone up for a sim?
KymriskaDraken: The dogs wanted pizza not me!
tjfrancis: ok
DanC: No hes gone to the pizza shop!!
tjfrancis: is the derby sim host still open KymriskaDraken
KymriskaDraken: Excellent :)
headshot119: @KymriskaDraken It's been logged on Mantis the issue with seconds on clients, sure it'll be fixed in due course
madaboutrains: shame. no allows you to clear the signals 5 seconds before time on the Tube sims! :)
KymriskaDraken: But apparently not for clients in multiplayer
madaboutrains: Simsigs now got seconds :)
KymriskaDraken: Ok Dan. Andy has connected so it seems to be working at this end
DanC: Ah Kym I might know why I cant connect 1 min
KymriskaDraken: You have a pm
DanC: Haha Im the same...working my way through wee hours of Derby. Im up for joint if you are?
KymriskaDraken: I'm doing Derby on my own at the moment DanC - you can join if you want to
DanC: Anybody out there up for an MP sim?
Tempest Malice: derby host closed, thanks everyone for joining
DaveHarries: Great stuff. Thanks to all involved.
Tempest Malice: And I believe it is back
AndyG: "I'll be back"
Tempest Malice: Apologies everyone loader just crashed will restart
Tempest Malice: Might as well get a session up with the new sims, hosting derby now, details in forums

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