06 - 03 - 2015

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DaveHarries: Trying to connect to WM but getting nowhere.
arabianights: come on chaps, still a panel avaialble
arabianights: game details: «link»
arabianights: I'm going to start a thread, but folk are welcome to join on first
arabianights: ah well let's try it
Banners88: Sounds good to me.
arabianights: altho from experience wembley can be a bit of a mare getting all the players
arabianights: I thinking wembley continuation from the other day
Banners88: Im keen.
arabianights: anyone want a game
Trainfan344: try that
Trainfan344: «link»
edwardzzzz9: Hey all, just got into SimSig. Tips? (?)
Roadrunner: KX has closed. Thanks to all players.
Roadrunner: KX closing soon.
Roadrunner: KX has resumed after the break.
Roadrunner: Bazz-Palace is free if you see this.
Roadrunner: KX on break until 11:45 PM UK time.
Roadrunner: I have a connection, so BW click on the updates tab, to get the latest version.
BlackWolf: off course silly me
Roadrunner: Port no is 50509.
BlackWolf: cant connect
Roadrunner: Your Country Needs You, BW !
BlackWolf: hmm
Roadrunner: Now is your chance to run KX, the station - log-in NOW to join the session. All levels of experience are welcome.
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
HST125Scorton: that ok... i can do SwinDid on me own love it, will join in on KX toinght
Roadrunner: Pity, HST, I was looking forward to SwinDid. Starting KX in a few mins.
HST125Scorton: ok
Roadrunner: SwinDid is NOT finding the timetable - I will sort that out another time and try KX 1985 tonight.
Roadrunner: *download
Roadrunner: I will doenload it.
HST125Scorton: SwinDid is brilliant under difficult mode and Steamers new timetable on it lol
Roadrunner: Hello again. I ghave just downloaded the KX 1985 timetable which peeps say is very good. But I think it starts at midnight sim time.
HST125Scorton: any hosts going tonight? Not been in muliplay for a while
arabianights: and if, say, Mr. Runner were to host a game, then if I were to play simsig, which I will definitely not be doing during the next 30 minutes, it would be as his guest, not as host...
arabianights: I am a fickle fellow, especially on worknights!
arabianights: no BW I can't in good conscience guarantee I will do it
BlackWolf: we have a deal ;) ?
arabianights: wazzzzzzup Roadrunner
BlackWolf: yeah if i host im in
Roadrunner: Evening all.
arabianights: BW I could host motherwell not immediately tho
tjfrancis: exeter is now cloused
BlackWolf: somebody fancy to host Motherwell tonight?
tjfrancis: the persion who just be discon can you plise put your use name in the box
tjfrancis: exeter now open
arabianights: I will join it around 7pm
tjfrancis: got to fix some think i wll host as soon i fix this issure
tjfrancis: give me 10 mits to set up then i wll put post up
tjfrancis: I wll be hosting a sim around 6:00 pm
Trainfan344: Anyone fancy hosting?
Banners88: BHM up
headshot119: Cheers Matt
mfcooper: The new Llangollen TT upload is now approved
jem771: i'll join EX for a bit !!!
MJD: Andy where are you?
headshot119: Any mods about who could approve the SSSIV timetable for the Llangollen sim?
flyingpigs123456: I'm willing to continue Exeter as soon as people are online as state there able to join :)
flyingpigs123456: Thanks to all who joined
flyingpigs123456: Sim is now closed
tjfrancis: Around 6:30 ish I going to put up a mystery sim it going to be a free sim
jem771: gave up on EJ as someone else was running my panle
flyingpigs123456: Exeter will be closing at 18:00
joebradleymanor: stupid me its a free one, i will just downloade it
flyingpigs123456: Exeter is a free sim
joebradleymanor: hi unfortunatey i havent got any paid sims yet
Trainfan344: Hi Joe, Exeter is still up and running if you'd like to join
joebradleymanor: i can host
joebradleymanor: hi all, anyone interested in playing peterbourgh or cross?
flyingpigs123456: Going to start the sim now, panels free
flyingpigs123456: Exeter up accepting connections
Trainfan344: up to you, as long as it's free!
flyingpigs123456: TrainFan344 which sim you want to play?
flyingpigs123456: Depends what
Trainfan344: anyone fancy hosting?
arabianights: nope sory
BlackWolf: Wembley still up?
BlackWolf: It sorted out. Thanks for the help :)
DriverCurran: BlackWolf. Please check the thread that you posted. I have replied as a dev rather than one of the admin. Paul
BlackWolf: oki, ta
arabianights: admin may not be online
arabianights: it
arabianights: BW you would be much better off starting a thread about
BlackWolf: Could someone of admin help with problem to activate a product?
BlackWolf: how to activate an produckt?
arabianights: I did not see you connect
arabianights: try again blackwolf
BlackWolf: the server disconnected me?
arabianights: come on ladies and gents, one more needed
arabianights: Wembley open «link»
arabianights: and the version issue may be a problem
arabianights: cause there's not that many trains in it
arabianights: tbh I will probably do the 445 start
arabianights: ok having loaded it
arabianights: it complaining a bit about version but hopefully should be ok
arabianights: got it ta server be up in a couple of minutes
tjfrancis: i send it via email
arabianights: haha I gonna say that a bit forward
tjfrancis: MIT's
tjfrancis: I got a a save give me two kids
Dhassell: Anyone know where i can get a Carlise Timetable from?
arabianights: I would do wembley but not from 445, something like 7:30 start
arabianights: do you have a wembley mainline save
tjfrancis: I do need not have Paisley
arabianights: or maybe wembley
arabianights: either gonna be that or paisley
tjfrancis: Maybe
arabianights: BHM?
tjfrancis: I around for something
arabianights: I am going to host somethign
arabianights: whos around
Temple Meads: Edinburgh closed
mackeral1234: Any one send me too
DaveHarries: And I am in! Thanks TM
DaveHarries: Thanks TYM.
DaveHarries: Anyone able to send v2.207 through?
DaveHarries: The only version I have is an exe version but it seems I have v3.238.2. Aaaarrrrggghhh]
DaveHarries: No. It seems not.
Temple Meads: Edinburgh Freeware is open. Please note sim is not publically available!
arabianights: Dave I don't think what you and TM were talking about is same thing
mackeral1234: Edinburgh Freeware???
DaveHarries: Good stuff: will look forward to it.
gthomasuk: Anybody hosting?
arabianights: ok I got it on second email addy, ta
Temple Meads: Sorry, was out getting fed and watered, I'm going to put Edinburgh.exe up for a 2130 start.
DaveHarries: @Stanyon: details of.....?
DaveHarries: @arabianights: email sent to alternative address. Attachment is simsigedb.zip
DaveHarries: I had zipped it and the email hasn't bounced. Trying alternative address.
arabianights: DAVE not received on either, it may be your outgoing mail preventing you from sending it, you could try zipping it and changing the file extension
tjfrancis: kings cross cloused
Stanyon: @arabiannights posted details now
DaveHarries: Any chance of an EDB @TempleMeads: you hosting EDB tonite? Sure hope so.
DaveHarries: @AN> What you require should be in your inbox now, or very shortly.
DaveHarries: @AN: Emailed you.
Stanyon: @AN pmd u
DaveHarries: @AN: Standby.
arabianights: you have a PM
DaveHarries: @TempleMeads: still up for session later in that case: not played EDB for a good while.
DaveHarries: Yes I am about
arabianights: TM or DAVE, either of you about?
tjfrancis: back
tjfrancis: afk for 10 mits so can not take any conexsions in cross
tjfrancis: no q in cross
Temple Meads: Dave, yes, that's the one, I think :P
tjfrancis: all panles are taken but 1 in q
DaveHarries: Hi TM. If you mean the .exe version of Edinburgh I would be up for a game, yes.
tjfrancis: palice is left
tjfrancis: 2 panles free on cross
tjfrancis: 4 panles left on cross sim
Temple Meads: Is there anyone here who still has Edinburgh FREEWARE, and would be up for a game later this evening?
tjfrancis: kings cross now open
tjfrancis: Any one up for a carry on off kings cross
Banners88: BHM up, quick hour session max. First in first four panels.
gthomasuk: lol next time then pal, sorry
Trainfan344: I can't host :P
gthomasuk: :( Dont think its going to be a go tonight, unless you want to host?
Trainfan344: Has port forwarding been set up?
gthomasuk: any ideas?
gthomasuk: Sorry we cant get it to connect
Trainfan344: okay
gthomasuk: Trying to get Sam to host it now
gthomasuk: sorry mate having some issues
gthomasuk: Yeah having a few issues standby
Trainfan344: Server has disconnected me.
Trainfan344: 50505?
Trainfan344: sure
gthomasuk: only be for 45 mins if you fancy it?
gthomasuk: Kings X?
gthomasuk: Im just talking to a friend who seeing what he has downloaded. Give me 5 mins
Trainfan344: what sim?
Trainfan344: hey
gthomasuk: Could poss be hosting in about 5 mins
gthomasuk: Hi Trainfan
Trainfan344: I'm about
arabianights: im on, would play but not host
gthomasuk: Anymore on?
tjfrancis: kings cross now cloused
gthomasuk: Cool, details in the forum tjfrancis?
tjfrancis: kings cross stll going into 10:30 or 11:00
gthomasuk: Anybody about for Waterloo or Kings Cross?
Trainfan344: All panels free? but no one in queue?
tjfrancis: q
tjfrancis: all panles are free but no one in 1
tjfrancis: 1 panle left
tjfrancis: 3 panles are left
tjfrancis: 4 panles left and not in am rush hour yet but wll be soon
joebradleymanor: stafford ended
joebradleymanor: now have a coupe of players, could do with a coupe more on stafford though
arabianights: I can't join either for a while anyway
arabianights: if you split between two sims then you will get less players each obviously... also people will hang about to see which sim "wins" before joining it
joebradleymanor: really need some more players though
arabianights: lol not very dignified gentlemen
joebradleymanor: na join stafford for a change xD
tjfrancis: come and join kings cross it fun and got loads of free panles
joebradleymanor: plenty of trains on stafford, anyone up for it?
joebradleymanor: stafford is open
tjfrancis: kings cross is open
joebradleymanor: i am open for connections for stafford ip: poer: 50505
joebradleymanor: what? i am ready to host stafford if anyone wants to join?
tjfrancis: no thinks got setting kings cross up now
joebradleymanor: ?
joebradleymanor: do you wanna play stafford
tjfrancis: i can host a kings cross
joebradleymanor: is anyone gonna host or if not i can host kings cross? or stafford for a change?
Banners88: Free panel on BHM
georgerb: I am trying to connect..
MJD: Trying to connect!!!
Banners88: BHM up if anyone fancies itl
Trainfan344: Was just connecting :P
Roadrunner: KX closed.
Roadrunner: R.I.P. Leonard Nimoy (Spock in Star Trek).
Roadrunner: Get ready for the Friday afternoon rush. Line C closed at Cross. Can you master it? Join NOW!
Roadrunner: KX open for connections.
Roadrunner: SuperDuck!
arabianights: yeh
tjfrancis: roadrunner any more ducks come up yet
Roadrunner: Anyone for KX? Shout NOW!
Roadrunner: Hello, Hello, Hello.
arabianights: anyone planning on hosting later tonight
joebradleymanor: nwc now closed thanks for joining
joebradleymanor: 1 space left on nwc now
joebradleymanor: nwc now full, no one in q yet
benp: Ill come on
benp: Sorry was eating
joebradleymanor: i have room for another 2 players in nwc
joebradleymanor: NWC session info on forum, i an take connections now
joebradleymanor: wanna play?
joebradleymanor: yep
joebradleymanor: pyep
benp: Still looking to host?
joebradleymanor: anyone?
joebradleymanor: hi anyone wanna do NWC? i can host
arabianights: BNS closed
arabianights: BNS open on : 50505
arabianights: one moment
arabianights: I think we'll do the BNS for a bit and see what happens
Mahzel: As lucky as you with buying Vic just before it closes? :P
arabianights: no worries Mahzel you sound lucky ;)
tjfrancis: thats fine mahzel we are all newbees at one point
Mahzel: But I warn you I'm quite new to simsig
arabianights: continue the BNS game you think?
Mahzel: up in 20-30min. Free or Victoria.
tjfrancis: i up for a free sim or any of midlands
arabianights: anyone wanting a game of anything?
arabianights: I just bought it
arabianights: noooo
KymriskaDraken: VicSE closed now
Trainfan344: "It's not the mistakes that matter, it's how we learn from those mistakes that matters"
KymriskaDraken: Join anyway - making mistakes is the only way to learn :)
gthomasuk: I would join but I am very new and don't want to muck it up for others.
KymriskaDraken: VicSE open for connections
KymriskaDraken: VicSE from 1800. Details in forum
Trainfan344: If you've not made your mind up, I'm free from 18:40ish for a free sim
KymriskaDraken: I'll host something at about 1800. Haven't made up my mind what yet though.
Morsey: Oh ok, no worries then
flyingpigs123456: Internet problems
flyingpigs123456: Unfortanly I can't host now :(
Morsey: Im up for a game, not host as I cant here
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for a host? (I'm willing to host)
arabianights: banners you have to accept people when they join
arabianights: what time are you starting at in the timetagble?
Stanyon: got dc trying to reconnect
Banners88: Start in 5 mins.
Banners88: Right its up.
arabianights: you just accept me
arabianights: from a server point of view
arabianights: it very easy actually
Banners88: You'll have to tell me how to go that!
arabianights: which I play on a tablet in the bath
arabianights: with coventry
arabianights: I was thinking of having a bath banners, so can I chain to you
Banners88: Right, 2 mins.
Stanyon: sounds good lol
Banners88: New St?
Stanyon: unforunately i can sort my ports out they confuse me
Stanyon: anyone hosts ill join but dont have paisley
arabianights: feel free to host something of your choice then and I will join it :)
Banners88: Not enough trains!
arabianights: NWC is an alternative option
arabianights: heh
Banners88: Ooops
Banners88: I dont have Paisley!
arabianights: ok Banners we'll do Paisley soon unless someone else speaks up in which case will do Wembley
Banners88: Yup.
arabianights: who wanna play wembley or paisley or summit
joebradleymanor: NWC now shut, no one joined
joebradleymanor: nwc session details on forum, ready for connections now
joebradleymanor: wanna do NWC, i can host?
Banners88: CM01 connected ok. Try again?
DaveHarries: Trying to. Says connected but no success
joebradleymanor: i can host
joebradleymanor: hi al, anyone wanna do nwc?
Banners88: Sorry CM01 and DAVE, sim froze, please rejoin at your leisure.
DaveHarries: Tried to connect to NS but no success.
Banners88: New St up
Trainfan344: I am if your still about
flyingpigs123456: Is anyone up for for North Wales Coast?

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