23 - 07 - 2014

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belly buster: I'll give New St a spin
tjfrancis: worksop wll be clouseing in 15 mits
Bagnall2067: New Street anyone?
Jay_G: wembley closed
Jay_G: Try now mate
JamesN: still can't connect =(
Jay_G: should (hopefully) work now
Jay_G: sorry
Jay_G: it is meant to be 50505
Jay_G: being an idiot i used the wrong port
Jay_G: Hold on, not quite sure why!
JamesN: disconnected
JamesN: incoming
Jay_G: no one coming :( ?
Jay_G: its up
Jay_G: «link»
Jay_G: ill shortly host Wemlbey mainline if there is intrest
Bagnall2067: Exeter closed. Thanks Rhan for playing :)
tjfrancis: starting worksop with no people on sim
tjfrancis: «link»
tjfrancis: Worksop is now up and it has been on the forum since monday
Bagnall2067: Newton Abbot, Exeter, Paignton panels all free
Bagnall2067: Lotsa panels going on Exeter still
Bagnall2067: Exeter accepting connections
marquel41494: KX is now Closed, thanks to MAR,CJO,CTC, and GRB for joining. :)
marquel41494: 2 pans free on KX
Marijn: joining
marquel41494: KX IS OPEN
Marijn: we miss the IP in the forum post
marquel41494: YA
Marijn: is that host going to be anytime soon?
Marijn: great!
marquel41494: i am
Marijn: if anyone is going to host?
Marijn: would be up for kx, not for nwc
marquel41494: or NWC

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