02 - 09 - 2014

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DaveHarries: Got to go out briefly but will be up for a sesssion when I return. Hopefully won't be longer than about an hour.
Temple Meads: Exeter closed. Thanks to all who played! :)
DSeaWall: Exeter closing.
londonboi1985: makes sense doing i tnow thanks for the quick replies guys
Hpotter: You need to install the license via the license manager, any problems fee free to ask.
londonboi1985: how does the sime know i paid?
londonboi1985: how do i change it from the demo version to the paid version though i have the demo installed and it lasts a few minutes
londonboi1985: thanks
GeoffM: I've now fixed the link on the Products page
GeoffM: Londonboi - try this link: «link»
Peter Bennet: Probably your computer security system - firewall/virus checker
londonboi1985: can someone help i am trying to purchase fenchurch street i am getting the following error Fatal error - attempt to access unpublished file by non-admin user
Temple Meads: Exeter open - details in the forum!
Temple Meads: Hosting Exeter (2014 with airshow extras) in a bit, details in forum soon.
Finger: South Humbersid closed
Finger: South Humberside open
fsxfaulder: ah right, to be honest I haven't been around here for a couple of months?
Finger: Not new, it's been available in the download area for some months
fsxfaulder: WW2? New timetable I presume?
Finger: Would anybody want a MP? I can host a South Humberside game, or a SwinDid WWII game.
RelentlessTurd: Evening all
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed. Thanks to all who joined, especially new player, Drum.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: Saltley session under way.
Roadrunner: Saltley open for connections.
Roadrunner: Saltley starting soon.
DaveHarries: I will be up for another SimSig session later this evening (9 or 9:30-ish)...
belly buster: Carlisle closed
tjfrancis: i may put up a sim is any wll join
belly buster: carlisle full and closing at 17:30
belly buster: Carlise open «link»
DaveHarries: Anyone likely to host this afternoon?
Elders: boa noite a todos
Roadrunner: Saltley has closed. Great turnout and good teamwork. Goodnight all.
Roadrunner: Saltley closing soon.
Roadrunner: 11:45 PM UK time.

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