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London Meet July 24th

Come and join us for the London Meet on July 24th! Book your place in the Events section of the website.
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Peterborough meet 2010 - details coming soon

For those coming to the Peterborough meet, this is a heads-up to watch out for full details of the meet to be posted here on Wednesday evening (possibly quite late on Wednesday, so have a look Thursday if it's not there yet). For those bringing laptops this will include some details of what you need....
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Peterborough Meet 2010

If you haven't already done so, please look at the Events section of the website to book your place at the Peterborough Meet on March 20th 2010 (you can unsubscribe if you are unable to attend). This is a good time to meet new friends, to teach, and to learn from others. Sometimes new simulations ar....
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Bristol V2.202 released

The timebomb from the Bristol V2.201 simulation has been removed and it has been re-released with V2.202. There are a couple of other reports of issues we're looking into so this is an interim release.
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Peterborough Refreshed

Thanks go to Clive for this one - Peterborough has been refreshed with the latest code, which includes better regulation by ARS. Find it on the Downloads/Uploads page.
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