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Peterborough Refreshed

Thanks go to Clive for this one - Peterborough has been refreshed with the latest code, which includes better regulation by ARS. Find it on the Downloads/Uploads page.
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Wiki Published

With many thanks to NickP and AndyG and others, the Wiki is now back online again. They have converted from the old TikiWiki format to the more popular DokuWiki style and made several improvements along the way. Please have a read through and see if there's anything you can add or improve. As it say....
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Lost memory stick

A memory stick was lost at the Derby meet.  If anyone found it can they let me know and we can try and reunite it with its rightful owner. Thanks Peter
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News 13th Nov 2009

After a minor bug fix in the ARS, Waterloo and Drain have been re-uploaded and are now in the Downloads/Uploads section at V2.202. If you previously installed either version, please uninstall and use this instead.
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News 12th Nov 2009

While I was away on holiday, numerous people have been involved in refreshing most of the simulations to the latest core code. My sincere thanks goes to the many people who have helped, not just with the simulations, but with the Wiki, the website in general, and taking the time to help newbies on t....
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