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News 13th Nov 2009

After a minor bug fix in the ARS, Waterloo and Drain have been re-uploaded and are now in the Downloads/Uploads section at V2.202. If you previously installed either version, please uninstall and use this instead.
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News 12th Nov 2009

While I was away on holiday, numerous people have been involved in refreshing most of the simulations to the latest core code. My sincere thanks goes to the many people who have helped, not just with the simulations, but with the Wiki, the website in general, and taking the time to help newbies on t....
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Old downloads

We have rigged up a temporary link to the old download page http://www.hostingseries37.net/~simsig/html/downloads.html No gaurantees it'll work, it may need some fiddling with so good luck. John has written soime instructions http://www.simsig.co.uk/index.php?option=com_agora&task=topic&id=5&p....
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We're getting there

It's been a frantic week-and-a-half trying to get the website back up and running but we're nearly there. Just working our way around the Joomla interface, experimenting here and there, so don't be surprised to see things appear and disappear. Feel free to use the Forum to discuss what you see, whet....
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Lets see what this does
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