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New system files

Brighton beta now released! See this link for details. New System files have been released! See this post for details.
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Hosting forum

The Hosting forum (Q&A and hosting itself) have gone walkabout. We're investigating.
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March 2011 Wakefield Meet

Sign up sheets now available for the next meet - Saturday 26th March 2011 at The Henry Boon in Wakefield near Leeds. More details in the Wiki. Order your bowl of Chilli now to avoid....
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Derby Meet

The Derby meet was held on Saturday 13 November, and the Three Bridges Simulations (Croydon, Gatwick and Brighton) were in use, together with other adjacent simulations in preparation.  See forum thread for more details.
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Less than two weeks until the Derby meet

Less than one week until the Derby meet! Please sign up ASAP if you're coming. Derby is renowned for its good, cheap beer, it's easy to get to, and it's always been a great meet. Come and enjoy the fun!
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