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Leeds City

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Leeds is controlled from York IECC located to the west of the station at York itself. The building houses the four Leeds workstations as well as the two York workstations, plus network control. Several interlockings controlled by Leeds/York were recontrolled relay interlockings rather than new SSIs, reducing cost but increasing complexity as there were numerous different interlocking types and vintages. Leeds station itself was, however, completely resignalled.

SimSig has tried to keep to the spirit of the IECC displays while adapting for a scrollable layout.

Leeds features a wide variety of services from East Coast services from London King's Cross, to Trans Pennine services to a multitude of locations (generally east ↔ west), as well as plenty of freight services to and from all over the country.

This is an intense and complex simulation which - in real life - is controlled by two signallers, but this simulation splits the two workstations down into four workstations in total, allowing an easier introduction to the simulation. Three levels of Automatic Route Setting is also provided (none, standard, additional), but ARS is only an assistant, not a replacement for a signaller. The signallers should talk to each other to ensure a smooth handover of trains between the east and west workstations.

Click the image below for a full size view

Please note! New download method:

Starting with V4.5.7 of the Loader, simulations are now downloaded using the "Check for updates" facility of the Loader. Press this button in the Loader and it will check to see if you don't have any simulations. Leeds City should appear, which you can tick/check and follow the prompts.

Read the user manual here and purchase a license from the shop.