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West Anglia

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Welcome to the West Anglia side of London Liverpool Street IECC. This simulation covers the three workstations installed in 2001-2003 that control Hackney Downs, Chingford, South Tottenham, Seven Sisters, Cheshunt, Hertford East, Enfield Town, Harlow, and Stansted Airport.

The layout is a two-track railway with extremely little bi-directional/reversible signalling, but with a few opportunities to "loop" trains to allow faster ones to pass. This is a simulation where getting trains into the correct order is vital - and the consequences can be two, three, or more fast trains queued behind a stopping train causing tens of minutes of delays, not forgetting possible impacts on return workings.

Over 870 trains are included in the October 2016 timetable that is bundled with the simulation. This can be used with the free Liverpool Street sim which also has a new October 2016 timetable.