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This simulation covers the Salisbury to Exeter West of England Main Line between Gillingham and Honiton, together with Yeovil Pen Mill.

There are six signal boxes controlling about 60 miles of the single line - Gillingham, Templecombe, Yeovil Jn, Chard Jn and Honiton by means of Tokenless Block.

The simulation is manageable by one person, but can accommodate up to 6 players, and with delayed trains can be fun reworking the passing places on the line - some sections are quite long. Although there are only 80 trains in the 2009 TT, it can be surprising busy to keep everything moving smoothly - small delays can easily snowball due the the long lengths of single line just like in real life.

For an extra challenge in the later era, there is the option of a track patroller who may call up to use the Lockout device, which effectively creates a 16 mile long block section!

Three timetables are included, 2009 and 2015 and for those who like a challenge a 1988 TT by Pascal Nadin.

The simulation chains with SimSigs Salisbury, Exeter and Westbury.