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File Details - Oxford - 1986 Weekday V1.1

Oxford - 1986 Weekday V1.1

Simulation using the 2000 era Oxford SimSig design, based on the timetable for summer 1986.

Work-arounds required for using the 2000 simulation's restricted facilities:
1) All moves timetabled for run-round in the DCS MUST use the DGL to arrive and DCS road 1 for the loco move.
2) DCS roads may be used for trains which reverse in the DCS without a run-round BUT only ONE of DCS 2-4 can be used at any one time. Trains termionating at end of their duties can be routed to all of 2-4, changing the siding using the switch provided.
3) Light engines for Oxford loco fuelling point must route to platform 2, thence toward the headshunt using the emergency access via Loco Sdgs GF. The normal route via the headshunt only works for moves from loco sidings,
4) MGR trains scheduled to run-round at Kennington Jn do so at Hinksey recption lines.

Differences between 1986 and 2000:
a) Engineers' sidings south of Oxford are carriage sidings
b) South Yard is in use, albeit only just. Trains scheduled to call there are timetabled to halt in the 2000 UPL. Trains originating/ terminating at South Yard run to Hinksey.

HINT - the critical factor in the timetable is the sequence of loco run-rounds in the DCS. Prioritise these, especially in the busy periods around 06.00 and 18.30-19.30.

V1.0 - 07/11/2017 base timetable for all trains in WTTs PA/PB/PF. Trip working details not known. Any input will be welcomed.
V1.1 - 29/11/2017 crew changes removed to prevent issues with loader 4.6.5. ECS train types added to prevent warning messages in timetable analysis re custom types.

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1.1 - revised to eliminate crew change issues with loader 4.6.5
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