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File Details - Oxford 1978 Weekdays

Oxford 1978 Weekdays

This simulation MUST be run in simulation era 2000.

Hours of operation 00.02-23.59. 400 trains in timetable. Number operating varies by day.

A complete rewrite and upgrade of the timetable originally created in late 2017. The earlier timetable was my first try at a SimSig timetable and is not up to my current standards. Coupled with better information on stock workings and use of Oxford's carriage sidings, it was long overdue a rewrite. The simulation was ready some months ago, but held back as I hoped that bugs identified in 2017 in the 2000-era representation would be addressed. These would enable correct usage of the Down Carriage Sidings via the north ground frame and the single lines to/from Claydon LNE Jn and Morris Cowley. Alas, it seems that there is no likelihood of this happening any time soon, so, though much improved technically, the simulation is offered with the same work-rounds and issues as V1.3.

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01/02/2019 at 12:18
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V2.0 - 30/01/2019 completely revised using new information for stock movements, carriage marshalling and trip workings.
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34.2 KiB
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Oxford - 1978 Weekdays.WTT

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