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File Details - Oxford 1979 Botley Road Monday

Oxford 1979 Botley Road Monday

The 2000 simulation era MUST be used for this timetable.

Operating hours 04.10-23.59. 289 trains in timetable.

A special timetable based on the Monday in October 1979 when a rebuild of Botley Road bridge went badly wrong, engineers' posessions over-running by several hours. Four engineers' trains will block all lines through Oxford except platform 1 and the UPL south of Oxford until approximately 10.00. Although the UPL was a goods-only loop in 1979, passenger trains had to use it. The line's switch and crossing work was clamped & scotched for the through route and South Yard closed for traffic temporarily. Train 7O61 was diverted to Hinksey and did not drop or pick up traffic. All other trains ran as intended, though with delays.

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01/02/2019 at 14:27
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Oxford - 1979 Botley Road Monday.WTT

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