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File Details - Leeds East/West Summer 2018

Leeds East/West Summer 2018

Leeds East/West timetable based on the fist week in October 2018.

Timeatbled Trains : 1750
Rules : 480
Train Types : 133

The "Derby Dig" was in its final stages, so there were still some retimings of XC and EMT services during this week.

This is a Mon-Fri Timeatable, with many freight trains only running randomly on certain days so a different timetable should appear each time you run it.
There are also a large amount of rules especially for unit diagrams that return to Leeds with quick turnarounds at their destinations, so will return late if the outward leg was delayed.

Plaese read this simulation's instruction manual thoroughly form the SimSig website, easpecially regarding ARS movements around the station, and in addition please note the following before starting the timetable :


Seeding :
ARS wont interpose 2C06 from Plat 5.
You will need to interpose 2C06 manually behind 1B15 once 2N00 departs @ 0534

ARS wont interpose 5L99 correctlly on arrival @ 0546.
This train divedes into three portions on arrival and you will need to do the following manually.
2L99 will have to be interposed manually once the train arrives.
5S02 will have to be interposed manually after 2L99 departs.

5C61 Shunt P 11d to P7 :
ARS doesnt interpose 5C61 off 2C61 arrival @ 1844. This will have to be done manually, and make 5C61 non-ARS because if you dont it gets priority over everything until it leaves P7 @ 2131 ! Also leave it as non-ARS until it arrives in the through road.

ARS often gives priority to later departures from Leeds Plats 1- 6 departing over line B, For example a Skipton train will get priority over an Ilkey service which leaves 3 mins after the Ilkely train. Be wary of this and you will need to set the route for the Ilkley train manually.

ARS quite often does not give a train a through run to its platform (eg 12d) so be wary of this when platforming services, as you may have to manually signal a train through to its booked section of the platform.

The following are known to do the above on testing :
1F74 @ 0008
5J35 @ 0011
1V96 @ 1607
2W25 @ 1659
1V93 @ 1707
1O94 @ 1809
2C61 @ 1844
1Y26 @ 1914
1A56 @ 2317
1K40 @ 2320
2F76 @ 2347

The following trains were temporarly cancelled by LNER Control under "Performance pre planned cancellations"
1D07-1A28 and 1D19-1A45

Enjoy and please advise me of any errors found that are not listed above via the forum as the timetable is complex with many scenarios, so some errors may appear despite thorough testing.


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09/03/2019 at 12:59
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