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You are here: Home > Files > User-contributed > Timetables > North East Scotland > File Details - North East Scot April 2020 (Covid-19 Special)

File Details - North East Scot April 2020 (Covid-19 Special)

North East Scot April 2020 (Covid-19 Special)

Welcome to this rather special version of North East Scotland! This TT is taken from the UK's Lockdown period in amongst the COVID-19 Pandemic

A Couple Of Notes To Start With!
Not much has changed in real life, though there are minor things!
- Newtolhill Signal Box Has Been Abolished Stonehaven Now Works TCB To Aberdeen But It Doesn't Change Much.
- The Section From Aberdeen - Dyce Has Been Doubled and Dyce Box Abolished (and demolished), This, however, doesn't change anything
- Dunkeld Box has gone to the Inverness SC, but again doesn't affect much

The SIm Goes in Waves, having a rather Busy Period Before Everything goes quiet again, which makes it a very fun sim!
There is a lot of shunting throughout the day at Aberdeen Perth And Dundee so be careful of routing trains too early some of the shunts are quite Complex!

Aberdeen also has some (very) tight headways and trains depart a platform moments before another one enters so again keep a careful eye on them, and re-platform a train if necessary
I have left Platform Conflicts in for a nice Challenge!


First, The TOC's you'll see and the stock they utilise!

The Primary One is Abellio Scot Rail (SR)

Scotrail uses Mainly 170s and 158s For all Regional Services Sometimes Coupled Together.
They also use Shortened HST sets in a 2+4 formation Known as Inter7City sets.
These are used for long-distance Services Between Scotlands 7 Main City's Glasgow, Edinburgh, Perth, Dundee, Aberdeen, Inverness and Stirling (Hence the Name)

Next Up Is Cross Country (XC)

Cross Country Use 220/221 Voyagers for the bulk of services Though Their HST's make a few appearances


LNER Only have Unit In This Sim and that is the 800s in both 5 and 9 car formations

Finally Is Caledonian Sleeper (CS):

The Caledonian Sleeper From London Euston To Glasgow, Edinburgh, Aberdeen, Inverness & Fort William is handled by Hired Class 67 Locos and a rake of Mk2/3 Sleeper Coaches



Scotrail Operate a Multitude Of Services

Glasgow QS - Inverness
Glasgow QS - Aberdeen
Glasgow QS - Dundee

Edinburgh - Inverness Via Perth
Edinburgh - Aberdeen
Edinburgh - Abrbroath (These Reverse In The North Siding(s))
Edinburgh - Inverness Via Dundee & Aberdeen
Edinburgh - Dundee (Via Stirling)

Aberdeen - Inverness (Far RH end of the sim Only)

Dundee - Aberdeen

Then LNER Have 2 Services In the Sim

London Kings Cross - Inverness Via Perth
London Kings Cross - Aberdeen Via Dundee
Leeds - Aberdeen (Morn & Eve Peaks Only)

Cross Country Have A Few Long Distance Services

Aberdeen - Plymouth/Penzance
Penzance - Dundee & Aberdeen

Caledonian Sleeper Again has just the One Service

London Euston - Inverness



Freight is Mainly on the Perth End Of The Sim and Is mostly operated by DRS, Though NR DB And Colas Rail Also Appear
Here are the various freight that runs

Mossend - Inverness Tesco Containers (These run twice)
Georgomas Junc Nuclear Flasks
Aberdeen Craiginches - Grangemouth (Tesco Containers)

Colas (CL)
Oxwellmains - Aberdeen Craiginches Lafarge
Oxwellmains - Inverness Millburn Lafarge
Inverness T.C. - Hartlepool Pipe Traffic

Network Rail (NR)
Inverness T.C. - Inverness T.C. Weedkiller

The Unusual Staff Training Loco From Craigentinny - Perth and back

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