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File Details - Manchester Piccadilly April 1989 - The Northern Part

Manchester Piccadilly April 1989 - The Northern Part

Operating Hours: 04.15-00.05. 403 trains in timetable, number appearing varying by day.

This timetable MUST be run in 1990 mode with ARS disable. Full instructions are provided in the General tab of the timetable. PLEASE read them before use!

The timetable is designed to enable a single signaller to use part of the Manchester Piccadilly (MPSCC) simulation while maintaining all scheduled train movements. This is achieved by simulating movements on the lines from Manchester Victoria, using the 1988-89 timetable: specifically the period between April 22nd and May 14th 1989.

Although the Windsor Link between Ordsall Lane and Salford Crescent was opened in April 1988, only 16 trains were scheduled to use it daily in the 1988-89 timetable. All were Blackpool-East Anglia workings. Full service use, with diversion of trains from Manchester Victoria to Piccadilly, would not happen until the May 1989 timetable change. The 1988 timetable makes possible a neatly self-contained simulation using the Windsor Bridge and Crow Nest panels of SimSig MPSCC with very occasional use of Oxford Road.

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