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1985 Timetable Seeds

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1985 Timetable Seeds 06/07/2013 at 14:08 #46626
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Hi all,

I have just been looking at this timetable along with its extensions and it looks like a huge challenge. Bring it on! However, having just started, I notice that the seed trains cannot reach their intended destinations from their seed positions. Some do not seed at all because they share a seed signal with another train. I have outlined the changes I made to the timetable below in case others want to change them too:
[code]0E43 now seeds at signal SE482
1E43S now seeds at signal SE488
3E50S now seeds at signal SE484
5L30-0 now seeds at signal SE486
5V51 now seeds at signal SE502[/code]
Wishing myself luck!

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