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Westbury Summer Saturday 2014

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Westbury Summer Saturday 2014 20/09/2014 at 13:47 #64656
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Now released and available here. This timetable is compatible with Exeter Summer Saturday 2014, and will be compatible with forthcoming Swindon and Bristol timetables.


This timetable replicates a typical summer Saturday in the Westbury area. The timetable is quieter than a weekday one, but it does have busy moments thanks to additional express services provided for holidaymakers. Bar a few minor tweaks, rolling stock allocations are accurate. Train times have been taken from Open Train Times and Real Time Trains, with freight headcodes taken (where possible) from Network Rail's online WTT. Thanks also to Officer Dibble for providing me with diagram and rolling stock information.

First Great Western

First Great Western operate the bulk of trains in the Westbury area:

1tph Paddington- various destinations in the South West, with extras throughout the day.
1tph Cardiff- Portsmouth (runs between Bathampton Jn and Wilton Jn)
1tph Bristol- Westbury stopping service, extended at various times to Frome, Southampton and Weymouth.
1tph Paddington- Bedwyn fast servce
1tph Reading- Newbury, calling at all stations.
1 train per two hours to Swindon via Melksham.

Additional trains run throughout the day. Paddington- South West trains (and one return trip to Weymouth) are worked by HSTs, Cardiff- Portsmouth with 158s, and a mixture of 150s, 153s and 158s on local services around Westbury. A mixture of 165 and 166 units work the 'Thames Valley' services to Bedwyn/Newbury.

South West Trains

Operate a handful of services a day between Salisbury and Bristol, using 159s.

Cross Country

Operates one train for route knowledge purposes, assumed to be a 221.


Freight services included are those which ran on 16/08/2014. There are a few trains to the quarries in the morning, with very little freight in the afternoon. In the evening, a number of engineering trains work out of the yards in the Westbury area, bound for several posessions in the South West. These trains must not run early.

Other notes

Keep an eye on platform allocations and departure times, especially in the Newbury and Frome areas. There are a number of overtaking and other unusual moves throughout the day.

Please feel free to ask any questions, or report issues and bugs below.


"Don't stress/ relax/ let life roll off your backs./ Except for death and paying taxes/ everything in life.../ is only for now." (Avenue Q)
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The following users said thank you: robert, MikeW
Westbury Summer Saturday 2014 26/01/2015 at 13:42 #68409
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Version 1.1 is now available here. This includes a few tweaks to ensure compatibility with Bristol, Exeter and Swindon.
"Don't stress/ relax/ let life roll off your backs./ Except for death and paying taxes/ everything in life.../ is only for now." (Avenue Q)
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