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Gloucester Severn Tunnel Diversions add-on V1.0

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Gloucester Severn Tunnel Diversions add-on V1.0 26/01/2015 at 13:48 #68411
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Approved and available to download here.

This timetable is designed as an add-on for other timetables- you can play it by itself if you want, but there won't be a lot happening!


The Severn Tunnel is closed today for engineering work. First Great Western are divering one London- Swansea train an hour via Kemble and Gloucester, and various freight services have also been diverted. You'll also handle a number of engineering trains on their way to the works. This timetable contains 64 additional trains to handle, and is an accurate reflection of what actually ran during one such tunnel closure on a Saturday in autumn 2014.

If you want to make things a bit harder, bear in mind that Grange Court loops had been taken up by 2014!


After placing the timetable in an appropriate location, follow these instructions:

1. Launch the Gloucester simulation and start a new game
2. Select a timetable (henceforth referred to as the 'main timetable'to play- DO NOT select this one.
3. Start the simulation, and pause immediately.
4. In the 'Clock' window, select 'Timetable', 'Open (merge with current)' and select this timetable.
5. Enjoy! The additional trains will now appear in the main timetable. You may wish to save the combination, if so click 'Timetable' 'Save As', and be sure to save under a different name, otherwise you'll lose the original copy of the main timetable and/or this one.

Please note that, as this timetable was not written to be merged with a particular timetable, there may be clashes and conflicts with other trains in your main timetable.

Feel free to post any questions, problems, bugs etc. below.


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