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Stafford 1985 and the Hednesford Branch

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Stafford 1985 and the Hednesford Branch 06/05/2015 at 15:11 #71800
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Hey Guys,

I have worked myself through the 1985's Timetable to make It work on the latest Version.
Some minor Warnings have stayed, mainly because of the several Weekdays-Seed (Train already used).

Now there's a question for the Rugeley Branch. All Trains to/from Rugeley PS are scheduled via Rugeley Trent Valley and there were no "through" Trains towards/from Hednesford.

Were there no scheduled moves along that Line or does someone have Information (maybe MGR's to the Power Station from that Direction) about the Branch in 1985?

Thanks in Advance for any Answers.

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Stafford 1985 and the Hednesford Branch 06/05/2015 at 23:43 #71860
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I was under the impression the line was effectively closed between Walsall and Rugeley TV, with only sporadic trains (some diversions etc) until the Chase Line was reopened in 97/98.

There may also be some freight missing from the timetable.

Last edited: 06/05/2015 at 23:44 by RainbowNines
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Stafford 1985 and the Hednesford Branch 07/05/2015 at 09:52 #71879
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Thanks for your Answer.

Yes there may be some missing freight but I never thought about that the line was closed.


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Stafford 1985 and the Hednesford Branch 07/05/2015 at 10:37 #71881
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A couple of things to point out here:-
1. Unless the MGR service is a WTT service it will NOT appear in the WTT. All MGR trains for Power Stations tended to appear in Trip Notices as they ran as Trip Services. The other problem you have with MGR trains to & from Rugeley Power Station is the fact that Brereton Sdgs is not available in the location list & this is where the inbound services from the east midlands pit ran round. I've got an East midlands Trip Notice for 1986 which show several trip services from the Coalville & Toton areas bound for rugeley Power Station, plus there are MGR services from the pit around Stoke On Trent which also run as trip services.
MGR trains from the East Midlands would run along the main line to Rugeley & then set back to Brereton Sdgs where they would run round & then draw the train forward towards Hednesford before setting back into the Power station at Rugeley running through the discharging bunker first & then drawing the train through to empty. The provess would then be reversed. The train once emptied would depart from the Power Station to Hednesford & then set back via Brereton Sdgs all the way to the main line before heading back up towards Lichfield Trent valley High Level. You can't even timetable the trains to run round in the Goods Loop at Rugeley as I've tried this whilst writing a summer 1988 timetable for Stafford & the timetable data won't validate due to a missing path. I've reported both these issues on MANTIS, one of which has been fixeed IIRC. So basically your stumped as I was. If you look at the splash screen photos for Stafford you will see one I took at Rugeley whilst passing on an express heading for Manchester which shows a pair of Cl.20s(20040 nearest to the camera) on an MGR train bound for Rugeley Power Station & the train is about to set back off the WCML to Brereton Sdgs to run round.
I intend at some point to write a new Stafford 1985 timetable as an ex BR colleague of mine managed to get me some station working books for Stafford, one of them was from Stafford No.5 signalbox which covers the summer of 1985.

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The following user said thank you: Class 86