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Westbury Weekday 2015 WTT

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Westbury Weekday 2015 WTT 11/06/2015 at 21:19 #73155
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Hi All

I'm pleased to advise you all, that this timetable is now uploaded and ready for release.

Description of this timetable
This is a 2015, standard weekday timetable for the Westbury Panel area. This is timetable is fully compatible, and able to be chained with Salisbury, Exeter (when released), and Bristol. The Passenger workings have been taken from the Working Timetable of December 2014, with First Great Western stock allocations based on unit diagrams. These are a snapshot of one day however, and are only intended to represent what actually happened on that one day, so these may not be entirely representative of daily operations. South West Trains stock allocations are based off the Carriage Working Notice. Freight services have been derived from June 2015. The timetable has been tested to ensure the Passenger and Freight workings do not conflict.

Two start times are provided, 00:00 and 04:30. On the 00:00 start, 420 services are in this timetable. This represents a significant increase on previous timetables which shows the sheer growth in the operations of First Great Western in particular. You will need to pay close attention to all timetables, in particular, the Freight services especially if they are running early. Westbury and Newbury will often jam up with trains, so you will need to think ahead!

This timetable has been written by Andrew James (kaiwhara) and Tim Squires (Temple Meads). We both wish to thank those who have supported us in getting this, and other timetables to completion.

As usual, if any errors or issues are found, please add comments to this thread, and we will address them.

Passenger Services
First Great Western

First Great Western operate almost all services through this area. The service pattern is mixed, with the London Commuter services from Bedwyn towards Reading, and rural services centred on Westbury itself. Many of these trains split, join or shunt at Westbury. Whilst there is a basic pattern of services, there are variations or additions to this on most hours. Fist Great Western still hire in a 158 from South West Trains. This is marked on the train description. The basic pattern is:

  • 1tph Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central.

  • 1tph Bristol Temple Meads to Westbury. These extend to a variety of destinations including Weymouth, Warminster, Southampton Central and Gloucester.

  • 1tph London Paddington to Plymouth, with extensions to Penzance. Some stop at Westbury, whilst others bypass.

  • 1tph London Paddington to Bedwyn.

  • 1tph Reading to Newbury

  • 1tp2h Swindon to Westbury.

  • 2tpd Brighton to Bristol Temple Meads.

A wide variety of 150, 153 and 158 units are used in a variety of combinations, along with a class 180, classes 165 and 166, and HST's.

South West Trains
South West Trains operate a small handful of services between London Waterloo and Bristol, along with a few route knowledge turns to Yeovil Junction via Castle Cary and Yeovil Pen Mill. The basic pattern is:

  • 4tpd Salisbury to Bristol

  • 1tpd Salisbury to Yeovil Junction via Westbury and Castle Cary (Driver Training Path)

  • 2tpd Westbury to Salisbury via Castle Cary and Yeovil Junction (Route Knowledge)

Almost all of these are 159 class units, along with the odd class 158.


Freight is mostly stone traffic to and from Whatley and Merehead Quarries to various destinations across the south of the United Kingdom.

Other notes
You must read the timetable carefully, as trains will often not take the route you expect, or hold for another train to run ahead of it. This is particularly important for freight services, especially if they are ahead of time. Westbury and Newbury will often jam up with trains, so you also need to be prepared to re-platform trains if things run a bit pear shaped.

In testing, Tim and I have found this to be significantly busier and more challenging than previous timetables. This is simply due to the volume of trains increasing to a level well above previous years. We hope you find this challenging and enjoyable.

If there are any issues or errors, please let us know in this thread.

Andrew James (kaiwhera) and Tim Squires (Temple Meads).

Sorry guys, I am in the business of making people wait!
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Westbury Weekday 2015 WTT 12/06/2015 at 15:42 #73178
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Cheers Andrew & Tim, will have a lookski when I have a writing break


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Westbury Weekday 2015 WTT 12/06/2015 at 21:29 #73222
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Approved - Westbury 2015 WTT
I can only help one person a day. Today's not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look too good either.
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