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Salisbury SX 2015

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Salisbury SX 2015 11/06/2015 at 21:54 #73158
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Hi All

I'm pleased to advise you all, that this timetable is now uploaded and ready for release. (MOD can you please relocate this post to the Salisbury Timetable Form when it's created?)

Description of this timetable
This is a 2015, standard weekday timetable for the Salisbyrt Panel area. This is timetable is fully compatible, and able to be chained with Westbury. The Passenger workings have been taken from the Working Timetable of December 2014, with First Great Western stock allocations based on unit diagrams. These are a snapshot of one day however, and are only intended to represent what actually happened on that one day, so these may not be entirely representative of daily operations. South West Trains stock allocations are based off the Carriage Working Notice. Freight services have been derived from June 2015. The timetable has been tested to ensure the Passenger and Freight workings do not conflict.

Two start times are provided, 00:00 and 04:30. On the 00:00 start, 297 services are in this timetable. Whilst the service pattern appears basic, you are warned, do not be fooled! Most South West Trains through services will detach or pick up units at Salisbury, so there is a proportionally high number of complex shunt moves. You will need to pay close attention to all timetables, in particular, the Freight services especially if they are running early.

This timetable has been written by Andrew James (kaiwhara) and Tim Squires (Temple Meads). We both wish to thank those who have supported us in getting this, and other timetables to completion.

As usual, if any errors or issues are found, please add comments to this thread, and we will address them.

Passenger Services
First Great Western

First Great Western operate a handful of services through this area. The basic pattern is:

  • 1tph Portsmouth Harbour to Cardiff Central.

  • 2tpd Brighton to Bristol Temple Meads.

  • Occasional services to Southampton Central from various destinations.

Most services are formed of Class 158 units, supported by Class 150 units.

South West Trains
South West Trains operate the majority of services in this area. The basic pattern is:

  • 1tph London Waterloo - Exeter St Davids

  • 1tph London Waterloo - Salisbury with peak extensions to Gillingham and Yeovil Junction

  • 1tph Salisbury - Romsey - Southampton Central - Eastleigh - Romsey (the Salisbury 6)

These are formed of Class 158 and 159 units.


Freight consists mainly of stone traffic to and from Whatley and Merehead Quarries to various destinations across the south of the United Kingdom, along with a small number of engineering trains.

Other notes
You must read the timetable carefully, as trains will often not take the route you expect, or hold for another train to run ahead of it. This is particularly important for freight services, especially if they are ahead of time.

If there are any issues or errors, please let us know in this thread.

Andrew James (kaiwhera) and Tim Squires (Temple Meads).

Sorry guys, I am in the business of making people wait!
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Salisbury SX 2015 12/06/2015 at 21:27 #73219
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Approved - Salisbury 2015 WTT
I can only help one person a day. Today's not your day. Tomorrow doesn't look too good either.
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