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Worcester Park G.F timetabling problem

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Worcester Park G.F timetabling problem 24/08/2015 at 13:34 #75420
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Hello all,

I decided to see if you could create timetables for when the Worcester Park G.F is used on engineering days when they run to Ewell.

Well I could timetable to Ewell West, and back with no timetable errors, however upon testing it, after Ewell it heads out to Epsom. I did a right click and reversed the train, hoping that's all that will need to be done, but the problem is it didn't stop anywhere, straight past Stoneleigh, even though that was the next location it was running to in it's timetable, as it was in bold letters, so it made no difference setting it to that to run to that station.

Is there a way to update the sim so that the train will ask for authority to move from Ewell West (going Up on the Down) and therefore stop at Stoneleigh before turning onto the Up at Worcester Park G.F?

Any help would be appreciated :)


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