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Time Tables

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Time Tables 30/12/2015 at 16:12 #79412
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I am running the Wolverhampton simulation and would like to know how one can add a time table, I have been searching the web site but cannot find any instructions. I have down loaded Wolverhampton+201..zip to my download file, ?what next. Cheers Arthur
F Arthur Coldrick
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Time Tables 30/12/2015 at 16:26 #79413
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Hi Arthur

As well as searching the website, if you go to the documentation tab and click on User Manuals and Wiki, there is a wealth of information relating to all of the Sims, which you can search through.

This bit is of use for you:

Adding Timetables

In addition to the supplied timetables, there may be additional timetables available for the simulation, written by the SimSig community. These can be found here. Timetables can be written by anyone, and can be real or fictional. The only requirements are that the uploaded zip file follows the naming convention, and that the description is an honest reflection of the timetable's contents. See this page for details on writing timetables.

Loader Simulations

Download the .zip file. If you used the default location, copy the .WTT and (if included) .WTR files to the following location: C:\Users\Public\Documents\SimSig\Timetables\<simulation name>\ If you installed to a non-default location, please see the SimSig Loader page for details on custom installations.

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