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15-Oct-09 timetable for Coventry

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15-Oct-09 timetable for Coventry 12/01/2016 at 16:47 #79811
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The Coventry sim is distributed with 2 WTTs: 15-Oct-09 (00.00 start) & 15-Oct-09 (04.45 start). When the updated v1.4 of the sim was released in October of last year, the extension to the sim in the Three Spires Junction area required minor modifications to timetable entries for trains on the line to/from Nuneaton (entry/exit point now Hawkesbury Lane instead of Three Spires Junction). Unfortunately, no refreshed WTTs were made available when the updated sim was released. Using the original 15-Oct-09 WTTs results in no trains entering from the Nuneaton area and all trains destined for Nuneaton (or Prologis) terminate at Three Spires Junction 'with no onward working'.

It is now 3 months since the updated sim was released and my earlier posting on this subject (see here) generated minimal response. JamesN said he believed a new version of the WTT by the original author was out for testing in early December. However, nothing has appeared yet and the original author did not respond to my original query.

I have produced refreshed versions of the WTTs which I am quite willing to make available to the Simsig community if no 'official' version is expected in the very near future.

The Coventry sim is a PayWare sim, so people who purchase a licence for it should get a package that contains error-free WTTs.

I shall now duck my head below the parapet...

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The following users said thank you: MikeW, headshot119, Steamer, KymriskaDraken, Trainfan344
15-Oct-09 timetable for Coventry 12/01/2016 at 18:51 #79813
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Apologies, it slipped my mind. Please make your version available and I'll try to incorporate it, with credit, later this week into the official downloads.
SimSig Boss
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15-Oct-09 timetable for Coventry 12/01/2016 at 19:01 #79814
197 posts
Proves we're all Human, Geoff. I'll upload the .ZIP file now for you to deal with at your convenience and for existing users to download if they so wish. I've acknowledged the original author, whose name I didn't know, within the refreshed timetables.

Thanks for responding so quickly.


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15-Oct-09 timetable for Coventry 02/12/2020 at 01:32 #134312
165 posts
Thanks to L Greenwood for updating this TT.

A couple of minor queries:

1. There are several LM services that are described as 8 car 350s yet appear as 4 car - 5F31, 1W95, 1F61 and 2Y13 are some examples.

2. When chained to New Street, some trains get marked as having entered (in the TT Editor) well before their entry time. This appears to be fixed by re-writing the 're-entry' rules to include the relevant UIDs. In the example save included, compare 2Y69 and 2Y71.

3. Would the engine of 6E77 be able complete its run around within the confines of Coventry Yard or would it use the head shunts?

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