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Carlisle 2016 (SSux) Diverts GSW

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Carlisle 2016 (SSux) Diverts GSW 13/01/2016 at 11:50 #79828
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Hi All,

I'm currently in the process of making a Carlisle 2016 Weekday timetable which will be known as Carlisle 2016 (SSux). I'm hoping for it to be ready within the next few weeks before a private host before release.


This timetable is set on a standard weekday timetable based on the workings in early January 2016. Timetable has a mixture of TTho, FO,WO and some MO only freights to give variety. Timetable taken from Real Time Trains with actual platform numbers with reporting numbers taken from the Network Rail WTT.

Timetable Notes.
1. Trains are currently unable to run on the West Coast Main Line between Carlisle and Glasgow Central / Edinburgh. This is because urgent repairs are required to a river bridge at Lamington, which is located between Lockerbie and Motherwell.

2. Virgin Trains, Serco Caledonian and Freight services are been diverted via Dumfries, New Cumnock or ECML in which case everything will be via WCML for this timetable.

3. Carefull signalling will be needed within the Carlisle area as Virgin Trains and First TransPennine Express will be terminating, turning around for the journey south, this means platforms may become occupied for a short while.

4. When Carlisle Loader Sim is released, I will be ammending this timetable so it can work with the new sim.

---Service Pattern---

---Virgin Trains---
1tph Class 1 Carlisle to Glasgow operated by Class 221 DEMU's
1tph Class 1 London Euston - Glasgow Central operated by Class 390 EMU's.
1tph Class 9 London Euston - Glasgow Central/Edinburgh Waverley Via West Midlands (Alternates between each hour, these run as Class 9's but should still be treated as a Class 1.) Operated by Class 221 DEMU's or 390 EMU's

---First TransPennie Express---
1tph Manchester Airport/Piccadilly - Carlisle (Some trains extend to Lockerbie) Class 350/4 EMU
1tph Carlisle/Lockerbie - Manchester Airport (Some trains may terminate at Manchester Piccadilly) Class 350/4 EMU
1tph Windermere Branch Shuttles services from Preston, Lancaster and Manchester Class 185 DMU

---Northern Rail---
Cumbrian Coast workings are mixture off 153s, 156s and DRS 37s + Stock.
Newcastle services are via Bus due to a landslip.
Skipton/Leeds services mostly run by 158s and 153s.

---Serco Caledonian---
1S25 London Euston to Inverness, Aberdeen, Fort William
Arrival at Carlisle Electric Loco comes off for 2 diesels, electric loco sits in the middle roads for 1M11.

1M11 Glasgow Central & Edinburgh to London Euston
Arrival at Carlisle both diesel locos comes off for electric loco of 1S25, Diesel to sit in middle road for 1S26.

1S26 London Euston to Glasgow Central & Edinburgh
Arrival at Carlisle Electric Loco comes off for 2 diesels off 1M11, electric loco sits in the middle roads for 1M16.

1M16 Inverness, Fort William & Aberdeen to London Euston
Arrival at Carlisle both diesel locos comes off for electric loco of 1S26, Diesels to run light engine back to Polmaide.

---Freight Services---
With most of the freight workings been diverted via ECML, I'm slightly changing this too give more action in the sim.

The following FTOC working's will have timings changed to fit them around the diverts.
Colas Rail, DB Shenker, Direct Rail Services & Freightliner.

Aaron (AJRO)
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