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Coundon Road Down signals bug

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Coundon Road Down signals bug 24/01/2016 at 22:20 #80108
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I've just noticed a bug with the Down signals at Coundon Road, which are affected by the overlap of TS103.

To observe it, send a train from Coventry to Hawkesbury Lane, and clear 51-CR21-CR20 again after the train passes Coundon Road. CR21 and 51 show G, CR20 is obviously red. When the train occupies the overlap of TS103, CR21 drops to red, with 51 going back to yellow behind it. As soon as the overlap clears, CR21 reverts to G.

On a related note, shouldn't if CR20 is R, shouldn't CR21 show either Y or be approach released from red? My guess is that the later is intended, but hasn't been set up correctly resulting in the bug above.

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Coundon Road Down signals bug 25/01/2016 at 11:33 #80118
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You can observe the issue without a train in front. With Coundon Road MCB raised set 51->CR21->CR20 but don't set CR20->TS103. 51 will be showing Y, and CR21 & 22 R. Operate the MCB and click CLR when it's ready. CR21 clears to G allowing 51 to also clear to G. Semaphore CR20 is still showing R.
Does CR21 actually have a Y aspect? I agree that it should either be showing Y if it has, or be approach released from R if it hasn't.

As an aside, using the Incident Control Panel, if you uncheck the lamp proving box for semaphore CR20, it magically becomes a colour light signal, albeit a black one, on the display.

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