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Hebden Bridge and other typos

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Hebden Bridge and other typos 20/02/2016 at 17:00 #80796
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Was brought up in West Yorkshire in the 1970s so spent many happy hours illegally trainspotting in the Holbeck triangle!

Was thrilled to see Leeds released on SimSig to re-live my childhood.

Moved away from the area many years ago and have done many jobs since. One role was a proofreader, so couldn't help noticing the following (so far):

Town on the Manchester Victoria line is Hebden Bridge not Hebdon Bridge.

As in 3T04 0500 Holbeck Loco Sidings to said town and 2T04 061? return (note the missing minute...)

Whilst looking at simplifier for Leeds platform 10B, before posting this, I also noticed another typo:

2H89 1151 from Carlisle shows as originating from Carlsile

Minor issues, I know, and certainly don't detract from most challenging and enjoyable SimSig release yet!

Would be grateful if a future update corrected these issues though.

Many thanks

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