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speed issues.

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speed issues. 31/03/2016 at 10:50 #81540
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Dear all I am hoping that some can help.

I have noticed when playing the Saturday January 10th version 1 timetable the following issues.

1) That when trains go over Nunhead Junction towards Catford they go at 30mph. the latest network rail sectional appendix shows the speed at 55mph. The speed to Lewisham is 25mph.

2) When trains depart from Herne Hill platform 4 towards Tulse Hill they go at 7mph when the speed should be 20mph.

3) When trains cross from the down Chatham slow to either the down Chatham fast or down tonbridge slow at Bickley Junction trains travel at 10mph when crossover is 30mph.

I also have some of these issues with the other timetable I have for Victoria South Eastern.

Not sure if this is to do with the driving rules on the timetable but I am not sure how to change them either.

I hope someone can help or tell me otherwise.

Latest loader version 4.5.8 sim version 1.5

Many thanks


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speed issues. 01/04/2016 at 07:54 #81548
55 posts
On the Down Catford Loop after leaving Nunhead there a 20/30 permanent speed restriction just before VS461 signal that would account for the 30 MPH. (its marked on the sectional appendix )

At Herne hill the GTR driving rules will account for the 7 MPH at you never get more than 1 yellow VS129 when going out of the SIM.

The Down Chatham Slow to Down Tonbridge Slow loop is approach control and you only get 1 yellow leaving the sim so that's the driving rules again.

The Down Chatham Slow to down Chatham fast via either crossover is 40 MPH but are 1 yellow approach release and that once again the driving rule.

if you want the trains to do the line speeds just delete the driving rules not all sims driving rules and I am sure the author wouldn't mind

I hope this helps

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The following user said thank you: rodney30
speed issues. 01/04/2016 at 20:04 #81559
3347 posts
I've noticed that the defensive driving speeds result in stupidly low speeds on the Victoria simulations- to solve it, either delete the rules entirely, or increase the value in the 'From' box.
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The following user said thank you: rodney30