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New user introduction - AJayy77

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New user introduction - AJayy77 17/02/2017 at 09:50 #93169
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Hello everybody

I am new to railway signalling, as can be seen from the attached image of my hour on the Signalling Simulator at York ROC - the "just put trains places" approach gridlocked Sheffield Station within an hour! I've come to simsig as the simulator was fun and it looks very similar.

Before anyone gets sleepless nights, may I add that I am NOT a railway signaller, but as a track engineer I have respect for the job signallers do under testing circumstances.



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New user introduction - AJayy77 19/02/2017 at 00:41 #93202
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Welcome to SimSig, Ajayy. I think you will do as well as any of us at placing trains in the wrong platform! Thanks for the interesting picture. Sheffield is one of my favourite stations. You can find the old SimSig version of Sheffield (a free simulation), hopefully, still in the download section. The 1983/4 timetable is impressive (you may have to download the timetable separately). SimSig also covers York, but that has to be paid for. I hope to see you in an online, multi-player session/game soon. King's Cross (also free) is the simulation most often used online.
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