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Cannot get slot for Leamington

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Cannot get slot for Leamington 20/02/2017 at 16:55 #93235
89 posts
On Coventry I cannot get a slot for Leamington if Leamington is requesting a slot from me, even though I haven't granted it. Clicking the slot request gets Slot Cannot be Requested.

Maybe related, if I have a train heading from Kenilworth towards Milverton Junction when Leamington has a train approaching Milverton Jn., a slot is not requested from me. Once the line's clear it's still possibly to right-click and grant the slot, it's just that nobody asked for it.

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Cannot get slot for Leamington 19/03/2017 at 21:49 #93873
226 posts
I'm having this issue, couple of times I've been about to ask permission for a passenger service when a slot request comes in for a train from Leamington that's booked to stop at Kennilworth for 20 mins!
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Cannot get slot for Leamington 31/07/2020 at 16:31 #130227
73 posts
Yes, this continues to be an issue (1987 - 2003). If you have a late-running passenger train for Leamington in Kenilworth loop, while a train for Coventry passes, there is no way to get precedence over any old freight from Leamington.

Moreover, it follows that it is dangerous to stop a train from Coventry at Kenilworth Loop at signal 5, to allow a train from Coventry to pass. If another train from Leamington enters (or is requested) there is no way to refuse it, and you end up woth to trains for Coventry at sigs 2 and 5, and a train for Leamington at sig 7.

Does anyone know what the situation is in real life?

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