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"[MYB] 'Busy Sunday' timetable

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"[MYB] 'Busy Sunday' timetable 05/08/2017 at 18:15 #98896
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Evening all,

As I mentioned sometime back I have been trying to turn my attention to creating a timetable for the Marylebone IECC sim. The timetable is called "A Busy Suunday" and is based on the WTT for 17th September 2017.

Unfortunately my work schedule of late has been such that my time to work on it has been rather limited. In addition to that I have been doing signalbox training (WSR) and that has been taking some of my time to work on it. Also, for good measure, I have no idea what traction settings should be used for each train.

In view of those two factors I think that my chances of successfully finishing the timetable and getting it into shape for release are rather slim so I am wondering if anyone fancies taking it on and bringing it to completion. Vital info:

Title: A Busy Sunday
Simulation: Marylebone IECC
Layout: 2016
LUL Area: Simple
ARS: Extended[/b]

I have so far done 145 trains but most of these are either ECS movements or the diverted HSTs from Bristol and South West England. Timings are based on those given at OpenTrainTImes.com

If anyone fancies taking the TT on to completion, for which you do - of course - get a joint credit then please drop me a PM with an email address and I will send the timetable file.

My involvement will not be entirely finished: I have decided to create a parallel one for the Oxford simulation.


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