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ARS problem with VL23

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ARS problem with VL23 27/08/2017 at 21:16 #101285
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To get round the occasional problem of a train from the depot being signalled into Seven Sisters P5 ahead of a train from Tottenham Hale booked at the same time, I make the empty train non-ARS once its route through the depot scissors has been set. This holds the empty at VL23.

When VL24 clears for the service train, I make the empty ARS. This works fine unless track circuit TRARBRCRD (Seven Sisters P4) is occupied at the time of making the train ARS again (TRARBRCRD locks VL22A).

In the latter case, ARS sets the route to the platform from VL22B, leaving the train waiting at VL22A. (Routesetting does not wait for either track circuit to become free; one can see from the signal stem that the route has been set and the signals VL22B and VL19 clear as expected when the track circuits become free).

(Using Loader V4.6.4, Data V4.2 build 2, timetable Victoria Line 2009 - Mondays to Fridays v4.1.)

I attach a save where ARS has just set the route from VL22A. I have other saves before and after, if needed.

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