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How funcions Tallington frame box?

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How funcions Tallington frame box? 17/10/2017 at 20:35 #102357
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Good evening, I have a problem with Tallington frame box: when enter in area a train that has to leave from Tallington, I can't put the signal at green aspect. Why?
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How funcions Tallington frame box? 17/10/2017 at 20:45 #102358
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You need to operate the appropriate Ground Frame. Details of how to operate Ground Frames in general can be found here: https://www.simsig.co.uk/Wiki/Show?page=usertrack:ssrun:lever_frames

You need to move lever 2 to release the other levers, lever 1 to release the point lock, lever 3 to move the points, lever 1 to lock the point again then lever 4 or 5 to clear the signal. You also have to set the route on the panel.

Let the challenge... Begin!
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