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Hi All

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Hi All 21/10/2017 at 14:28 #102436
I'll do it for 12
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Hi Everybody.

I last used Simsig a very long time ago on my Win98 laptop - when the free demos ran for about 20 mins !

I'm a train driver and am looking forward to wrestling with some of the areas I drive over, such as Kings Cross, Cambridge, Ely Nth Jn, etc.

I've always thought that signallers have a harder job than drivers, and now is the time to find out.


I said this train is 'Not in service', not the Nottingham service !
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Hi All 21/10/2017 at 18:15 #102439
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Hi There,

Simsig is good at giving an appreciation of a Signallers job, however, it is only a small part of a Signaller's job you will see using Simsig. You won't see the paper work, do the form filling, all the telephone calls, arranging Line Blockages, Engineer's Possessions, Stock alterations, use of Route Cards for failures, dealing with station and on-track staff, liaising with Control, taking calls from Drivers reporting trepass, passenger sickness, or on-train faults that then have to be passed onto Control....all whilst Signalling and regulating train movements.

I think a Driver has a hard job. For me it would be staying awake in the cab. No doubt Train Simulators only show part of the Driver's job.

I regularly travel from Hitchin to Kings Cross on my way to my Signalling job. Great Northern have some of the best train driving I have experienced.

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Hi All 23/10/2017 at 11:01 #102466
I'll do it for 12
2 posts
Yea, Signalling really seems like a job where you have to have lots of 'balls in the air' at once. Some of my colleagues get really upset when errors occur - like being offered a wrong route. I suspect that if they tried Simsig and saw the amount of information that comes at you, they might be more sympathetic. We only have one train to think about, you have lots. Personally, if there's a mistake I try calmly to let the signaller know without alerting the Back desk. ;-) We're all on the same side in this !

It's interesting to note that you and I see the world in completely opposite ways. For you the signals are fixed and the trains go past them, but for me the train stays where it is and the signals appear and disappear. It may not sound like much, but it can make conversations with the box a little convoluted. I guess it's probably just as well that the RAF wouldn't let me fly fast jets.

As you get on at Hitchin I may have been your Chauffer on occasions. If you find yourself getting a nosebleed that'll be me, LOL.

I don't usually find falling asleep to be too much of a problem as you have to stay focused otherwise something bites you on the bum pretty quickly. When I'm really fatigued I stand up, open the window and sing - even in Winter. A 100 mph draft and singalong to the Red Hot Chili Peppers usually stops me nodding off, though God knows what the pax think !

Anyhoo, I shall go and get stuck into the sim now. Cheers.

I said this train is 'Not in service', not the Nottingham service !
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