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Chinley North Jn

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Chinley North Jn 14/01/2018 at 21:46 #105085
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I think this is more of a sim bug rather than a TT issue

In the 2017 TT, 1Q41 on its return from Buxton via the Peak Forest, is due to pause at Chinley North Jn before continuing onto New Mills South Jn. However on stopping at Chinley North Jn (with the train stopping at CY153 as expected) 1Q41 which is traveling in an Up direction to the junction, reverses and head back to the peak forest (Where he will happily trundle all the way back to Buxton without query) despite his next location being New Mills South Jn.
Setting the stop as a thru line stop or set down causes the train to also reverse, but setting the location as a passing point, 1Q41 Will continue on his way to New Mills South Jn.

Save Game just before 1Q41 stops is attached.

Loader 4.6.7
Sim 1.3

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