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Possible Sydney Australia Meet

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Possible Sydney Australia Meet 14/02/2018 at 02:59 #105906
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I've put an event up for a possible meet in Sydney, Australia on Saturday 14th July 2018. At the moment we're determining whether there is enough interest to go ahead with a full meet, like the UK ones with multiplayer games, or if not quite enough for game play we could still have a social meet, like meeting in a pub somewhere.

We do not have a venue yet as we need to determine possible numbers first. It will be in the Sydney area somewhere, accessible from public transport. Cost is likely to be nil but no food, but we will consider a buffet for everybody with an entry fee to cover this if people want that. In the former case of no food, the venue itself (or places nearby) will have food you can purchase yourself.

Like the UK meets, we may go for a meal afterwards. I understand Schnitzels are popular there?

If you're interested in going and are likely able to attend, please register your interest here. You are not committed to anything by registering.

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