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Missing Signals

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Missing Signals 30/04/2018 at 13:38 #107775
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Please delete.
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Missing Signals 30/04/2018 at 13:45 #107776
863 posts
ajax103 in post 107775 said:
I've checked both the old era and the modern era that I have installed both are fully up to date and also the PDFs which have the signal plans which look to confirm that certain signals are missing.

Welwyn Garden City K178 K177 K170 K173 K167 K168 K169

Hertford North K209 Limit of Shunt

Gordon Hill Limit of Shunt from Platform 2

Potters Bar K141/K142/K144 Shunt Signals
Potters Bar Limit of Shunt from Platform 1

New Barnet K133/K134 Shunt Signals
New Barnet Limit of Shunt from Platform 1

Alexandra Palace K117 Shunt Signal

Hornsey K97 Shunt Signal

Finsbury Park Shows Limit of Shunt but no actual signal
Finsbury Park K60/K66 Shunt Signals
Finsbury Park K51/K57 Shunt Signals

I make it least 23 signals that are missing from both eras of Kings Cross yet appear in both signalling PDF plans, what I want to know is 1. Is it just my setup that somehow is corrupted or does anyone else have the same issues?

If it's the latter then hopefully it be raised as a issue on Mantis.
The signals are there go into Options (F3) select the display TAB and check box "Show All Shunt Signals" then click on OK, and you will find that said signals are in sim.

It's not my fault! I was left unsupervised.
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