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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable

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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 26/05/2020 at 22:03 #127152
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HST125Scorton in post 113070 said:
Going to throw this issue in also.
3S94 0444 Ayr TMD - Ayr TMD (NR MPV)train. Booked to stop at Law Junction 10:09-10:32 and 11:13-11:44 but in doing so blocks trains from Wishaw or Carluke directions. Would it be sensible to have them booked into the UPL/DPL at Law instead?
6M62 has the same issue, 4M62 also coming from Holytown is scheduled to bypass it.

And a fair number of late southbound freight (past 9pm) have platform 1 instead of 2 in Carstairs in their TT even though they are not calling or being overtaken there.

Edit: 5B54 is scheduled to call at Motherwell before going into the GF - this means that it drives up to the end of the HGL to call at Motherwell. Edit 2: actually it works fine, the train just needs to be routed out of Motherwell to reverse for the second time as it doesn't fit between the GF and signal M405.

AJP in games
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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 04/10/2020 at 12:18 #132873
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Ive got lots of strange things happening on this TT and wondered if anyone can shed some light onto it.

Its mainly around mossend, locos arent turning back at the correct signal and trains arent detaching at the right signal either.

4S26 Comes out of MB305 at Down 2 and is supposed to stop at MB329 detach and get a new loco from the yard.
The detach however happens at signal MB289 and therefore cannot get a loco out from the yard behind it.

I also had a shunt take place from UR3 supposed to turn back at MB296 but the loco decided just to stop over the set of points between UR1/2/3 and try to turn back there.

Any help appreciated!

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Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 04/10/2020 at 12:55 #132875
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All confirmed with the current build of sim and loader.

A recent loader change (not sur if 5.0 or a more recent) makes trains reverse as soon as they can, and takes precedence over the 'FX+200' settings in the timetable which were used to both Mossend north end and Carstairs to take trains to the desired reversal point.

A sim update (to v5.2) to fix this has been done and is in final testing, but the fix requires changes to all timetables as several locations had to be altered.
The bundled 2006 is done
My 1993 is done
My 1984 set need too much work in the short term (~250 invalid trains), so are temporarily withdrawn.

Any comments from the 2009 'Groundhog' folks ?


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The following user said thank you: chrisdmadd
Motherwell Groundhog day (15-10-09) Timetable 04/10/2020 at 13:37 #132878
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Ah i see! Thats a shame then as my chain in unplayable now. Never mind!

Looking forward to the update.


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