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Advance Notice of Future Meets

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Advance Notice of Future Meets 09/07/2018 at 21:04 #110176
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In order to assist those who need as much notice as possible when trying to arrange to attend a meet, we can now announce the dates and venues of the next two UK meets after the meet at the Crystal Palace in Glasgow on 8th. September 2018 (details here).

On Saturday 17th. November 2018 a meet will be held at:

The Walrus and Carpenter
Monument Street

The venue we have used most recently in London (The Plough) is due to close for refurbishment but they do not have dates as yet and are not taking bookings until the dates are confirmed. The Walrus and Carpenter has been visited and assessed and will do equally well.

On Saturday 23rd. March 2019 a meet will be held at:

The Soloman Cutler
Broad Street
B1 2DS

We have used this venue before and it suits our needs very well.

Outline details of the venues/meets have been added to the Wiki here and here. Sign-up sheets will appear in due course.

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