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Flashing Greesn

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Flashing Greens 07/09/2018 at 15:38 #111968
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clive in post 111960 said:

For example, in Peterborough you usually don't care if flashing greens are allowed, but a timetable might need it because it has 140 mph trains in it.
I’m curious. The above quote appeared in a different thread, but do any Peterborough timetables have 140 mph trains in them?

I usually leave the flashing greens box unticked and I know that I could probably find out for myself by starting each one, but thought that it might be a bit quicker if a tt developer were to answer the question.

Edit: Obviously thread title should be Flashing Greens. Fingers out of sinc with brain again

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Flashing Greesn 07/09/2018 at 16:01 #111969
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Officially, only test trains exceeded 125mph on that stretch, it was never authorised for passenger trains.

However, the simulation will support 140mph running if a timetable writer wishes to exploit it.

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