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Unlucky Failures

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Unlucky Failures 14/12/2018 at 01:45 #113962
132 posts
I seem to have gotten rather unlucky with the faliures on this one, set the scenario to random and ARS off. In 4 hours I got to where I am now with non stop calls and trying to get each train in around failed points with 1 train boxed in between a queue of trains going round him and the points failure.

current stats:
Analysis of your performance and score

Trains passing timing points: 640 total timing points
On time: 413 (65%)
2 mins late: 89 (14%)
5 mins late: 56 (9%)
Over 5 mins late: 82 (13%)

Minutes lost/gained overall:
Total minutes lost by you: 417
Total minutes recovered by you: 66

Trains using the correct platforms: 73 occasions
Correct: 69 (95%)
Opposite: 0 (0%)
Incorrect: 4 (5%)

Total routes cancelled with trains approaching: 5
Total wrong routes set for trains: 0
Total joining moves abandoned: 0
Total trains removed: 0
Total trains shortened: 0
Other points lost: 0

TOTAL SCORE 4663 OUT OF 6541 (71%)

Its your challenge to 'fix'/sort out the chaos without cheating by incident pannel or extreme mesures. NOTE: 2P00 is infront of 2J10 and just needs reversing then 1 passing red to get to platform, that's what the keyed points are for.

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Unlucky Failures 14/12/2018 at 17:59 #113991
288 posts
Challenging save. I'd managed to clear the backlog by 0940. Luckily the existing points failure cleared about 15 minutes in, but another triggered blocking off platforms 1 and 2.
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