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Website CSS layout changes

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Website CSS layout changes 08/03/2019 at 22:03 #116274
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Recently a contractor did some website work for me, attempting to fix the CSS issues that have been reported, albeit on a test website. Once he'd done that, I then had to compare against a moving/live website to incorporate those changes which I have now done. I also had to check a number of pages (there are over 400!) to ensure bulleted lists (ul/li in HTML parlance) were now displayed properly, since we now have bullet points visible. Again, I have done this and think I've caught everything. However, the Wiki may still need some work.

If you spot a page that looks wrong - not just bullet points where there probably shouldn't be - please can you reply here so they'll get fixed? Please include the full URL in the reply (copy the address in full). Thanks.

SimSig Boss
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