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"Close Crossing" indicators

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"Close Crossing" indicators 12/04/2019 at 17:30 #117517
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JamesN in post 114232 said:
lazzer in post 114231 said:
Is there an event sound in the F3 menu that we can assign to this light coming on? It's easy to miss it if you are distracted elsewhere on the sim.
Not in sim at present, and from a realism perspective they don’t beep/buzz/bell in reality - but it wouldn’t be an impossible feature to implement. Feature request recorded on bug board under ticket 22519.
When I started playing the 4-day September 2014 timetable, it kicked off at midnight.
Before submitting my previous post (#117508) I had a quick look on the Forum to find an answer to that question. Whilst doing this, I noticed the post above regarding the “Close Crossing” roundels at Topsham and Pinhoe. I have now reached 23.23 and am ashamed to admit that I hadn’t even noticed the one at Topsham! I would have done had there been an audible indication. I just used to monitor a down train’s position and speed in the Train List.
No excuses for not paying attention though.

My goodness, that was difficult, but I managed it.
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