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'Pre-1999' Sim Era Advice 23/06/2019 at 12:12 #119091
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Just an advisory for anyone running the 1992 TT and using the 'pre-1999' sim era, by 1992 Burton loco depot had long gone and the Up Goods from Branston Jn to Burton Leicester Jn had been lifted. However, the interlocking remained in situ so the line was never removed from the signal box panel (because of this it was still possible to call a route from DY95 onto the Up Goods on the panel but obviously nothing happened outside) so the line was simply marked up 'Out Of Use' with permanent stick on labels, and I've replicated it with sticky notes as shown in the attached photo. So if you want to run this TT with maximum authenticity you should regulate Up freights at Leicester Jn and not Branston Jn.


[attachment=10383]Branston Jn-Leicr Jn.png[/attachment]

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