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Kirkgate Shunts 23/06/2019 at 19:08 #119095
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In the 1991 timetable for W Yorks there are some OTP machines that stable in the S&T sidings at Kirkgate.

Due to late running they arrived from their SOW in the wrong order. 7Z02 and 7Z03 were held in the Up Gds for 7Z01 to pass. Once P2 at Kirkgate was clear, 7Z02 was signaled in. It seems that 7Z03 decided to immediately follow on as well so ended up with the situation in the attached save.

Is this prototypical and I should have allowed for it or something else?

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Kirkgate Shunts 23/06/2019 at 21:33 #119096
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OTP in the BR era only ever had schedules to & from there respected site of work & in all cases these days I normally set them all at 50% running & predominantly on Mondays. In reality they could end up going into Kirkgate S&T sdgs in any order especially if some possesions are suffering from delays. Obviously in SimSig world the schedules are created whereby everything runs to time so one OTP machine wouldn't necessarily leapfrog another one. When Kev & I carried out testing on this timetable we never had delays set as we thought the TT was challenging enough without adding to it by having delays. Personally what I'd say to users is if they have delays then on their heads be it as I wouldn't be able to guarantes everything would un as planned. The only thing you could do is to hold the movement of the OTMs until the one running late arrives & then you get rid of it first, but again youy may then block the line for another train to pass which is on time. Maybe in future I could set an entry time & then all the other timing points leave blank so whatever order they enter you can get rid of themoff the sim. You could try & edit your timetable & set all the timing points to zeros & see if that works.
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Kirkgate Shunts 23/06/2019 at 21:40 #119097
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There's a known core code bug where multiple trains in a permissive section will both take the signal, if it is a last wheel replacement signal.
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