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Confirm added to cancel on right-click

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Confirm added to cancel on right-click 11/10/2019 at 22:36 #120933
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Honestly the confirmation option is good and makes sense, especially since in real life systems I'd imagine it's much less easy to accidentally press the physical cancellation button on a real workstation than it is to accidentally mis-click (especially when so many other options are most conveniently done in SimSig using right-click, such as collaring or interposing TDs). But agreed that it would make non-TORR sims rather ludicrous to play, so I can certainly understand the desire for an option to disable it. Is it some simple flag in existing sims whether or not TORR is enabled? If so, perhaps have the default be to have it enabled in every sim, except where TORR is not provided at which point it's disabled by default, perhaps with an option to override this for users who either always or never want it.
Last edited: 11/10/2019 at 22:38 by Muzer
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