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Multiplayer Sticky Notes 22/12/2019 at 21:16 #122388
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As a host I make sure of the sticky notes as reminders of what is what and what is happening which I find very useful.

However recently I've been wondering if or how could it not be possible somehow for the host to be able to put a sticky note anywhere on the simulation in use and all clients can see it.

For example lets use Kings Cross, I'm hosting it and we have a train in the reversing siding at Bowes Park which doesn't have a TD berth.

As the host I can put a sticky note near Bowes Park to remind me what train is in the siding however I think it would be useful if the client who has control can also see my sticky as can other clients.

I know clients on their own can use sticky notes but I think it would be useful as the host to be able to put a sticky note on the simulation as a note.

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Multiplayer Sticky Notes 22/12/2019 at 21:30 #122389
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It's been requested before; there's an open ticket (#586 for those with Mantis access) about it; as with all feature requests, implementation depends on Geoff/Clive's priorities and whether or not they want or are able to implement it.
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Multiplayer Sticky Notes 23/12/2019 at 03:24 #122393
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Coming from zero MP experience due TZ - A liberal peppering of scratchpad berths a la Carlisle might do, without (as far as I understand) too much additional effort or potential trouble, other than cluttering up an already busy layout, not being prototypical, and being so hard to use that most probably wouldn't.

Probably worse than nothing, but here's an idea nonetheless.

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