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Tye Green Jn to Stansted L1201/1143

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Tye Green Jn to Stansted L1201/1143 23/12/2019 at 18:12 #122400
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I'm currently trying to create the newest timetable on WA, bringing in the Norwich - Stansted Services. 1K79 is booked to stop at Stansted L1143 signal, however, when I create the stop on the timetable editor and validate I get the following message:

"No paths found between location Tye Green Jn and location Stansted L1201/1143"

The only Junction between the two is Coopers Lane Jn, which isn't an option as a timing point, so I cannot add anywhere else between. (Also, please can this be added to enable the creation of the new timetable? )

I have attached a screenshot of what I have.

Many thanks in advanced,

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Tye Green Jn to Stansted L1201/1143 23/12/2019 at 18:23 #122401
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For SimSig purposes, the location 'Stanstead L1201/1143' is used for only for shunt moves between platforms at Stanstead Airport. For now, omit the location; while not 100% accurate, ARS or the player should handle the move correctly.

I've raised a request for the locations to be added (#28805), but I'd recommend you carry on writing the TT with the locations omitted and add them in if and when an update appears. The trains will run correctly.

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The following user said thank you: ProfessorStupid
Tye Green Jn to Stansted L1201/1143 23/12/2019 at 18:41 #122402
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Thank you, I shall continue!
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