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Issues Chaining with Horsham

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Issues Chaining with Horsham 13/01/2020 at 17:12 #122860
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I'm currently running a Three Bridges - Horsham chain. Upon setting up the chain I notice that Three Bridges doesn't appear in the connect to external signalbox menu of the Horsham sim. Therefore selected Gatwick only to generate multiple bug reports "internal error: cross boundary track XXX not found". Similar reports are also generated when chaining in the opposite direction (Three Bridges -> Horsham).

First train of the day (2C40) from Three Bridges to Horsham transfer between sims okay but first train in opposite direction (2C45) never appears in the Three Bridges sim and last sent berth in Horsham sim displays *X**.

Sad to say that I do feel somewhat cheated. I purchased the Horsham sim with the express intention of chaining to Three Bridges and the Three Bridges manual clearly states it chains with Horsham.

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Issues Chaining with Horsham 13/01/2020 at 17:36 #122861
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While Three Bridges does indeed have chaining data set up to Horsham, Horsham does not chain to Three Bridges (but to the sim formerly known as Gatwick, and is not compatible). I have removed the reference from the manual as I can see it could be misleading. Apologies for that. There is a Mantis ticket for updating Horsham already.
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