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Leeds North West memories

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Leeds North West memories 24/04/2020 at 16:34 #126256
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The current lockdown has resulted in wifie instructing me to do something useful and as a result the garage is now getting cleared of clutter. Needless to say the clutter that she was hinting at first was my boxes of railway books, timetables etc. that I must admit have not seen light of day since god knows when. Amongst the clutter was my long held and progressive collection of the Rail/Rail Enthusiast magazines which dates back to the first issue of 1981. Knowing that there is no resale value and as a result of the local tip being closed they are now being put into the blue bin. Must admit that this task is taking rather longer than she would like as I am having a quick looksie at every copy before it goes.

Interestingly in number 228 dated June 1994 there is an article of the resignalling of the Airedale and Wharedale area which just so happens to be replicated in its entirety by the Leeds North West simulation.
Now controlled by just one signaller it, back then, consisted of no less than 14 boxes.
From the Leeds end at Worley Junction as follows: -
1. Kirkstall Jct.
2. Apperley Jct.
3. Guisley Jct.
4. Shipley/Bradford Jct.
5. Shipley/Bingley Jct.
6. Bingley.
7. Keighley Station Jct.
8. Steeton Station
9. Kildwick.
10. Cononley.
11. Skipton Station South.
12. Skipton Station North Jct.
13. Guisley
14. Ilkley Jct.

Labour intensive that would be if it were turned into a simulation.
A thoroughly interesting article about what we call history and progress as I reckon what it now takes 1 operator to look after back then had at least 14 for the same area. There was something reassuring back in those days when you passed and could see someone that was making you journey possible but that as per the title is memories and age related.

Take care everyone.


Never apologise son, it's a sign of weakness (John Wayne)
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Leeds North West memories 24/04/2020 at 17:05 #126257
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Keighley to7from Steeton had an interesting experimental form of automatic signalling between the two boxes if I recall correctly.

PS. Shame about the magazines getting binned.

"We don't stop camborne wednesdays"
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